New Products - May 2022 (EXP Products for V5)

Now that VEX Worlds is over, I can finally get around to getting some new products added to the website!

(Note: Instead of announcing everything at one time, I’ll just announce everything in real time as I finish adding each product to the website. So be sure to check back throughout the day!)

If I’m not mistaken, all of the products being announced today were introduced in VEX EXP Education Kits, but are now being sold individually, and officially made legal for use in the VEX Robotics Competition.

First up is the PET Sheet Variety Pack!

These are plastic sheets with “on-pitch” holes that can be used as lightweight alternatives to back mechanisms on your robot.


Next are Standoff Retainers.


Similar to Hex Nut Retainers, these are retainers for VEX Standoffs. Allowing for a standoff to be secured to a robot without the need for a wrench / pliers.

These come in three different styles:

  • 1 Post
  • 4 Post
  • 1 Post with Bearing

We’ve all been there, you’re putting together a complicated part of your robot, and just as you finish tightening that last screw, you realize that you forgot a spacer and have to take it apart again.

That’s now a thing of the past with the Click-On Spacer Variety Pack (276-8019)!

As the name implies, these spacers simply click anywhere onto a shaft. No need to slide it onto the end!

These spacers come in a variety pack, that include (10) each of the following sizes:

  • 0.063"
  • 0.125"
  • 0.250"

Definitely going to get the clip-on spacers. These things are gonna save me so much time. Also, were the clip-on spacers inspired by an AutoDesk make it real challenge submission?


THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN SO USEFULL AT WORLDS. We had to make two of these with the dermal bc it was too much work to get the spacer in.

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Next up are a couple of new bearings.

First are Low Profile Bearing Flats.

These bearings are functionally identical to the existing Bearing Flats, but take up less space. They can even fit inside a C-Channel!

In addition, we are also now selling Shaft Collar Retainers with Bearing Flats.

These useful bearings can be used to hold a shaft collar in place, and are compatible with both regular shaft collars, and rubber shaft collars.

Each of these bearings will be sold in packs of (10).


These will be super useful, you have no idea how many times I’ve sanded down regular bearing flats so they fit inside C-Channels, it was a very tedious task.


Holey moley​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Finally, we are now offering High Strength Shaft Adapters in two different styles.

Round Bore

1/8" Square Bore

These adapt the high strength shaft bores in gears, sprockets, and wheels to the 1/8” (low-strength) shafts. These are each sold in packs of (20), and will (at some point) replace the existing High Strength Shaft Insert Kit (276-3881) completely.

That’s everything for now! As always, all these new products are now in stock on the US store, and will trickle out internationally over the next few weeks.


I was literally manufacturing these myself from the square bore ones… thanks for actually selling them now.


So would those count towards the plastic sheet limit?


lmao vex may have just opened the floodgates on this one…

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My coach said that he messed around with them at worlds and they are really thin. Draw your own conclusions.

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When will we see(?) new anti static 2.75s?


If/when will we see 24, 48, and 72 tooth gears in a low strength profile? Certainly there won’t be just a high strength profile for only these three types of gears, because that would not follow the previous pattern of all gears having low strength and high strength equivalents.

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This is going to be sooooo useful!!!

Ok, I would assume it would not.

I think the wording of “Custom-Made” would make this exempt from R9

-Vex official website
So It should be perfectly legal to use as much of this as you want. The issue might be if you cut it or make modification. then it will be up the QnA to decide that.


There is no reason this would be an issue. These are legal VEX parts. Use as many as you like. Modify them how you like. No different then other VEX parts.


I feel like it could be that it might then become defined as a custom plastic part

It would not be. You are allowed to modify any official VEX parts (except those that are excluded, such as electronics and pneumatics). If you took a gear and cut it down until it was just a piece of flat plastic it would not suddenly become a custom plastic part counting towards your plastic allotment, it would just be a modified gear. This is no different.