New Tower Takeover field "CAD" project. Need Help

So i thought it would be a good idea to remake this years field in minecraft and i need some help. If anyone is interested in helping they can send whodatnation117 a friend request and i will invite you.
This is what i have so far20191006_160534

On the meme channel someone’s showed a field they made in minecraft

Just use world edit

20 char

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Are you inviting us to a realm?

I believe the TVA alliance has already completed this endeavor, not so say that you shouldn’t do it


I do not have realms, but i have my xbox set up to where it won’t automaticaly turn off so anyone can join at anytime

TVA does some weird stuff, and I do weird meme-like stuff as well XD
Minecraft - Made by 590
And an almost fully-functional game on ROBLOX (Hopefully finished when I have the time. Don’t be dissapointed if I don’t finish until the end of the season as I am very busy)


The TVA Alliance’s field does not have the towers, so i am doing that too.
Also, your roblox version of the game is a very cool project that i feel does not need to be rushed. So, no matter if it gets finished tomorrow, at the end of the season, or a year from now, I am sure the VEX community will be very greatful for what you have done

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