New upcoming VR challenges?

VEX VR has been a GODSEND for me. After we had to literally overnight go to virtual teaching, I’ve been using VEX VR instead of my classroom full of IQ Robots since March. I have now pretty much exhausted all of the ready-made challenges…are there any plans to roll out new challenges/activities? My kids just finished the new Hour of Code Coral Reef Cleanup and it was awesome!


Follow-up question: could the fine folks behind VEX VR make it so educators could set up our own environments for challenges, and share them with the community? Perhaps a way to import and place .stp files to create obstacles or movable objects? Maybe a way for us to design custom maps or layouts?


Well, here in the original forum post covering the release of VexCode VR, @tfriez specifically mentioned that

Playgrounds include a grid map, an art canvas, and a walled maze. Many more will be added.

Different threads have included more playground releases, so this promise is obviously not empty.

Going off of the old Virtual Worlds (which is somewhat relevant, but not particularly), there was about 30 (maybe?) different challenges and playgrounds, so I think that in order for VexCode VR to continue being great, there needs to be a lot more playgrounds. I believe they have more activities in the works.



Yes, we plan on adding some new VR activities in the near future. No firm date, but you should see something in a few weeks.


Thanks so much as always, Jason! Being a robotics teacher, I can’t tell you how great it is to be able to rely on you to make something as abstract as teaching robotics online doable!