VEXcode VR is Now Available!

The VEX Robotics team is happy to announce the release of VEXcode VR! You can experience VEXcode VR by visiting

VEXcode VR lets you code a virtual robot using a block based coding environment powered by Scratch Blocks. VEXcode VR is based on VEXcode, the same programming environment used for VEX 123, GO, IQ and V5 robots. VEXcode VR is 100% web-based, no installation required. VEXcode VR works in all major desktop and tablet browsers.

VR Robot Parts Callout

VEXcode VR includes Virtual Playgrounds - choose from different virtual 3D playgrounds to take advantage of the virtual robot’s features. Control your point of view as the robot runs your code. Visualize data on the playgrounds dashboard. Playgrounds include a grid map, an art canvas, and a walled maze. Many more will be added.

Challenges and activities ( are also available with VEXcode VR - our team of education experts created approachable activities that can be implemented easily. Activities are in Google Docs, so teachers can copy and edit the activities.

Learn more about VEXcode VR at

This first release of VEXcode VR is a “Preview Release” - while fully functional, we will continue to add more features as fast as we can. Use the Feedback feature in the top right corner of VEXcode to let us know what you like and what is missing. Below are some of the planned features on our roadmap for VR over the coming weeks and months.

Immediate features in development:

  • Electromagnet Support to pick up a game object
  • Timer Support (Added Apr. 3)
  • My Blocks (Added Apr. 3)
  • Multiple ‘When Started’ Blocks
  • Event Blocks
  • Loading Screens for Playgrounds (Added Apr. 3)
  • More Playgrounds
  • More Tutorial Videos
  • More Example Projects
  • More Activities
  • Improved Dashboard

Long term features to be added:

  • Code Step Through
  • Code Execution Highlighting
  • Variable / Sensor Reporter Block Monitoring
  • “Print” to Console
  • Python Support
  • Blocks to Python Tools
  • More Playgrounds
  • More Tutorial Videos
  • More Example Projects
  • More Activities
Daily Change Log

Changes for 4/2:

  • Initial Release

Changes for 4/3

  • Fix issue with warning on Chrome on iOS
  • Added My Blocks feature
  • Added “Brain” timer blocks
  • Added loading screens to Playground window (should prevent “black screen” issues)

Changes for 4/6

  • Fixed issue with unwanted text seletion in Safari
  • Added privacy policy link to about dialog
  • Playgrounds: Added start/stop button in Playground window
  • Playgrounds: Default to top view camera
  • Playgrounds: Fix for Pen feature not drawing properly in Wall Maze
  • Playgrounds: Fix for showing the full table in “Top View” when Dashboard is open

Changes for 4/7

  • Changed valid range of drive/turn velocity blocks to -100 to 100
  • Fixed issue where share feature was not working in Safari (iPadOS/macOS)
  • Fixed issue where the bottom of the help content was cut of at the bottom on Android tablets
  • Playgrounds: Fixed issue with low UI text quality and text getting cut off on some screens

Changes for 4/8

  • A pacing guide for all the activities with CS standards addressed.
  • An email home that teachers can send parents that talks about VEXcode VR.
  • Answers to all the levels in each activities.

Changes for 4/9

  • Added support for Electromagnet device
  • Added support for Bumper Sensors
  • Added feature to “Step” through code one block at a time
  • Added code highlight execution feature to indicate program flow by highlighting blocks
  • Blocks will be highlight to indicate they’re next to run when the step button is pressed
  • Blocking commands (such as Wait, Drive for Distance, etc.) will blink until completed
  • Added feature to automatically select the Project Name text box when renaming a Project
  • Added “Activities” button to top menu bar next to tutorials to provide quick access to VEXcode VR activity
  • Resolved an issue with “My Blocks” not appearing correctly in the toolbox after loading a project
  • Resolved an issue with random text appearing while dragging blocks in the workspace
  • Playgrounds: Added two Bumper Sensors to the VR Robot model
  • Playgrounds: Added Bumper Sensor values to the Dashboard
  • Playgrounds: Added new “Disk Transport” Playground, best for trying out the Electromagnet
  • Playgrounds: Added new “Castle Crasher” Playground, fun level for knocking over and pushing objects (just avoid falling off the Playground!)

Changes for 4/10:

  • Adjusted blinking speed to increase visibility with “Step” and highlight execution features
  • Adjusted behavior where “When Started” will blink when highlight execution of a project
  • Adjusted behavior for the “Step” feature to automatically step through the “When Started” block and save the need for an additional “Step” action
  • Resolved an issue where a project would always “Stop” after completing the last command in the “When Started” stack
  • Updated the icon in the toolbar for the “Playground” button
  • Playgrounds: Corrected the hazard border on the “Castle Crasher” Playground to be red instead of yellow

So when will VEXCode 2.0 and VEXCode Pro be available?


Sorry about questions, I’m not trying to be annoying.


We’re still targeting after “Virtual” VEX Worlds - sometime in the May timeframe. Our entire teams priorities have shifted to VEXcode VR over the last 3 weeks - but VEXcode 2.0 is still on its way!


is text code supported yet? like c++ or should we see that in the future?

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Along the same timeline for VEXcode 2.0, we’ll add Python support to VR.


Great I love it. Especially the education activities under the stem labs.
Is it supposed to work on tablets and Ipads, as I get a message about Unity WebGl not supported when I start up the playground or do I need to download that on those devices?

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That’s just a message from Unity3D (the core of the Playgrounds) since WebGL is still experimental on some platforms - you can ignore it for now and we’ll work to hide it in a future build.

But yes, it works on iPads and Androids.

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ok ignored it , but all I see is black playground?

Saw disk maze work once on IPad :slight_smile:

We’ve found that the Unity Playground does take a while to load on most tablets unfortunately. Internet speed and the age of the tablet both factor in. We are working on a loading progress bar and hope to reduce the load time in future releases

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Newer iPads and strong internet seem to work great!

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IMG_20200403_111741 got it working on PC x2, iPad and a tablet. Patience is a virtue


FYI, we’ll be hosting a VEXcode VR webinar, and it starts in 15 minutes!

Tune in here:


Man, I forgot how utterly perfect robots behave virtually. Can we have a random error feature (that is disable-able) that gives you a little error on your robot?


Hi, I’m trying to upload some v5block programs to vexcodeVR, but they don’t seem to be working. How can I use the programs we’ve created for robots in the past with VexcodeVR to test them while my students are away from the physical robots?


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Each VEXcode application has its own set of blocks, so they’re not cross-compatible at this time. You’ll have to start your VEXcode VR projects anew.


It would be epic if it was made compatible with virtual reality headsets like the Quest and Rift/Rift S.


Thank you for the great program you created for the students and teachers. You save me a lot of pain because the students doesn’t have the physical robots. Vexrobotics is the only one right now that supports Ipads and students do not need physical robots. Great job, Thumbs Up. However, I received the following error: "Type Error: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘window.webkit.messageHandlers.setIQBrainID.postMessage’). Thank you again,
Ms. Mejias