Online challenges: Finalists

Does anyone know what time the finalists for the online challenges will be announced? Thanks!


I’m not sure. I’m anxiously waiting. I’m guessing 1:00 CST.

They button is there but it says they have not been selected

I only see the Autodesk finalists, so far.

Autodesk finalists are out at
One seems to be listed twice for some reason.

I wonder what’s taking so long…


The exact times that the online challenge finalists and winners are announced varies significantly from year to year. I have seen them announced anywhere from 10 am PST to 6 pm PST. I would simply keep an eye out on the challenges throughout the night until they are released. In addition, they have someone new running the online challenges this year, and they might be doing things a little differently then they have been in the past few years. As of right now it still appears that most challenges don’t have finalists posted yet. You can check out the challenges here - >

I’ve helped judge in the past, it takes time to go through every entry in a category and judge them. Volunteers have to find time after work or on the weekends.

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Most of the other finalists appear to be out now

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I just don’t understand. We had the highest votes in two categories. I know votes weren’t the most important thing, but it did say that judges take votes into consideration. Several entries that had 0 votes were finalists. People: don’t waste your time with votes next year because apparently it doesn’t matter. I expected not to be finalists in every category that we entered, but I thought for sure we would be finalists in at least one category. My girls spent hours and hours on these challenges. A lot of hard work just gone down the drain. We got over 400 votes. Many of those votes couldn’t have verified email addresses, because our school district does not allow outside emails. Only district emails are allowed to be sent to our students. I just don’t understand. Countless hours wasted…

I am happy for some of our neighboring teams in our state though, who are finalists. I just wish we had feedback from judges.


As an Online Challenge Judge, I can tell you that at least on my end, votes do not factor into how an entry is judged for determining finalists. We are given specific criteria to evaluate and we rate each criterion on a specified number scale for each entry. The entries with the highest score are chosen as the finalists. I do not know how or if votes are used when judging for the challenge winners, but as far as I know, votes are only used as tiebreakers. I am sorry that you feel your students work and time was wasted, however, the entries are fairly and equally judged based on the same criteria for each challenge. Votes are not a good indication of the quality of each entry, so just because your student’s entry had a significant amount of votes, doesn’t necessarily mean that it ranked high enough compared to the other entries to make the cut. Your students should use this as a learning opportunity to see the entries that did make the finalists and/ or winners to help make their online challenge submission for next year even better. I am sorry that you are disappointed in the outcome, and I hope that this gives you a better perspective on why your student’s entries were not selected as finalists.


Anyone know why the photography challenge page is messed up. Whenever you click to go to page 2 it takes you to all the entries. Not sure if there is just 1 page of finalists or if the second page is just set up wrong.

I also noticed this on other entries. I have no idea why that is happening.

For the website website challenge, the finalists page is almost identical to the first page of entries, and the problem with going to all entries when you pick page two is there as well. Something is definitely wrong with the finalists.


Yes, something is wrong with the finalists list. Many didn’t even follow the guidelines. I’m really hoping that they take another look to make sure it’s correct.

I have become well aware that there are some website issues along with frustrations regarding the finalists. I am looking into all of it at this moment. Please also know that we have multiple judges that are judging entries based on the rubric that is presented to them. Again, we are looking into the issues and whether it will change the end result of the finalists, that is yet to be determined.

Sparklinteach, if you have specifics on those that did not follow the guidelines, please respond to us offline. I know the judges work really hard on making sure the basic requirements are met, so I need to know specifics so I can look into them. Thank you


Thank you so much for taking another look at the finalists. I went back to the finalist list to look at some of the guideline issues and the links have been taken down. Even if the new list isn’t in the AquaBots favor, I appreciate you and the other judges taking the time to make sure the finalists were correct. It really means a lot that there are judges who take careful consideration at the students’ hard work.


This will also give us hope :blush: Thank you!
Best of luck to everyone!

Just out of curiousity, is there any change being considered for the CAD Make it Real Challenge, or just the ones with website glitches? I’ve seen people in disagreement with the results of the challenge, but no actually errors in the website. Just curious! :smiley:


I do not believe any changes are being considered for the CAD Make it Real Challenge. I will let the judges know your concerns and I will also look into that as well.