PID vs Odometry or both

On this forum, I have seen two main types of advanced coding to make Auton consistent: a PID system and wheels with shaft encoders that you can use Odometry to figure out location. As a team who has not tried either, we are curious to which one will have better results as much of us code in our free time, so learning this technique is very doable, even though it is mid season. We planned on doing PID but we are rebuilding the drive train for 6 motors and we have the ability to put in a tracker wheel. In skills, we are planning on going 5:3 for speed, as our strategy involves placing bases on the teeter totter as well as ending with a scored tall mobile goal. I’ve seen some people have 1 minute full skills Auton, consistent at competition and I was wondering which type of movement control was better for speed and consistency. I feel like doing both is a bit overboard but if that’s what it takes then we’ll do it. Thanks so much and any opinions or experiences will really help!

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I have no experience with these algorithms, but if you can figure this out chances are you’re gonna have a really good autonomous:
Motion profiling and odometry is a good consideration, but even motion profiling by itself has been found to be really impressive by the best of the best teams.
This is all I know about odometry and motion profiling


PID and Odometry and both very helpful for coding autons, but Odometry is slightly more accurate. If you are just planning to make an auton to do something that can easily be done within the 1 minute skills period PID will do just fine. Odometry is very useful if you want your auton to be very fast because it is more precise. I do not know how to code either one, but if you can add tracker wheels then I would do that.


odometry and pid are different things, odometry is a method that you can use to get accurate data about your robot, specifically the position and rotation on the field. PID is a method of controlling your robot so you can use that data to make the robot move where you want to.