Pitching In Meta

Hey, so VRC has their thread, so I made one for us!



concept was to be able to scoop balls into a tray and then launch it. So far has not worked

world champ bot in background :grin:


I’m not going too disclose too much information, but I have found a catapult robot to be extremely good (maybe a little too good).


I wanna bring this thread back to life, purely because i think I am running low on ideas. Don’t know what I am gonna do if this next design doesn’t work. I copied the large dumper robots short drivetrain onto a large hopper that expands via dr4b with a catapult launcher.

no flex hao!

Flywheel bot:
2 motor, 4 wheel drive
1 motor intake, rubber bands
1 motor indexer, rubber bands
1 motor flywheel
1 motor hook arm

Dump bot:
2 motor, 4 wheel drive
1 motor intake
1 motor lower arm
1 motor upper arm
1 motor hook wrist


ah the flywheel bot :smirk:

theres a scraper now!!! XD


How did u manage that??





TIL @DRow is left handed, and wears a watch on his dominant arm.

DUDE you just got replies from both Sidoti and DRow
also, didn’t i say “no flex?”

bob now has automatic ball indexing :smiley: @16688B_Oregon


wait why you name him bob?

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Now try stacking it on a post…

sorry to bring this thread back to life, but I am wondering if anyone was able to get the caution tape design to be higher scoring than the current high hang catapult meta. We got the conveyer to launch, but it was slow, chonky, and not able to high hang. Do we thing the meta ends at the current gen of catapult? or will there be another more efficient bot.

I think was a good idea to revive this thread because there isn’t one right now.

I had a similar experience with it. Caution Tape’s reveal of it definitely looked promising (props to them for that; that’s no easy task).

I think that we will still see a good number of catapults at worlds unless some breakthrough design (like in NL) happens.

I would guess the “more efficient bot” will be an ideal catapult. What that looks like, I don’t know though. Is it better to hold 10+ balls, ~6 balls, 4 balls, or just 2?

Now the current best option seems to be 4 (though there are some good 6 ball robots). I say this because the teams who are the most consistent and seem to win events mostly hold 4 (or 6).

From my observation, holding too many causes ball jams, inconsistent shooting, and leads to bigger, heavier robots that don’t have a spare motor for a high hanger (yes you can hang with 1 motor).

I’d like to know though what the general consensus is. What number of balls is best to hold?

How Many Balls?
  • 2
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10
  • 12+
  • Other

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It will always be a trade off, but the general approach to VEX games is to grab as many elements as you can and score as quickly as you can. I expect if we get a true Worlds, top pairs will clear the field and have a stop time competition. There are certainly pairs in the US that have accomplished this, but I think it will push to the next level. So all extra motions will need to be cut out.

I wouldn’t necessarily say this. Sure this is true to an extent in some games (like NL), but only to an extent.

For example, my team actually lost because we went for too many hubs in Next Level. We went for 9, realized we couldn’t drive with that much weight dragging on the ground, and went for 7 instead. Most teams did 5. Had we done 5, we would have been a lot better. We spent half the match picking up all of them and bringing them to the other side of the field when if we’d just done 5, we could have scored a lot more points because we would have been faster. You can even look at Rise Above and see that the happy medium number was 3. If you carried more or less, you weren’t as good.

A more modern example is Tipping Point. The best robots for the most part carry 1 (with a potential capacity of 2) and are just super fast.

There’s usually a “happy medium” where you balance speed with the number of game objects you are holding. For Pitching In I’d say this number is 4-6.


Don’t combine these, IQ doesn’t equal VRC for many reasons. I should have specified VEX IQ.