Pneumatics air leakage

Hi, so our team has a single acting piston with a single reservoir for our claw, but when we pump to about 100 psi, we get a lot of air loss when removing the pump, we are only able to get like 3 useful extensions of the piston before its too weak to do anything. Is there any effective method to reduce air loss, and to what psi should we pump up to?

Are you on lolad’s team? A thread similar to this came up about two hours ago.
I would read through this, and ask about your PSI there.

sorry, no thats not my team lol. Thx tho

Take a look at this thread: Better way to fill up pneumatic reservoirs , and maybe even consider using the search function before you post a new question…


Unfortunately I have done searching and seen this before, but our team doesnt have the kit required to use this method unfortunately.

Looks like your team will need to practice disconnecting your pump, or get a different one that disconnects easier, then. Our teams usually use a battery powered Ryobi inflator, which disconnects pretty cleanly.

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Hmm interesting, how long does it normally take on that pump?

maybe 10 seconds or less…18V ONE+™ Power Inflator - RYOBI Tools


thx, seems to be useful

you should get more actuations anyway
fill up your system and then put your ear by the connections to see if they are leaking
tread tape your threaded connections too

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