Polycarbonate Machining/Cutting Services (Send-Cut-Send Alternitives)

I’ve been experimenting with making custom polycarbonate X-drive Brackets. I’ve already gone through the process of designing them with CAD 3D printed a test piece for sizing and I want to make the final ones. I do not have access to a CNC machine of any kind to cut polycarbonate on so I resigned myself to do the while process by hand. I could do this for one set but I want to look into the possibility of getting them cut professionally on a CNC. A couple of months ago on the Forums, and found a service called SendCutSend. This thread discussed it’s legality applicability to vex. I was going to look into using this service as it is relatively reasonably priced and works with polycarbonate. But, SendCutSend’s thinnest polycarbonate is 0.118" (3.0mm) while Vex allows 0.07"(Just larger than 1/16", 1.67mm) This makes the service essentially useless as the part are technically illegal

Are there any other services that cut thin enough material? Has anyone else used a similar service in the past? Are there any things that I should avoid/look out for?

Any help would be much appreciated. I was able to take home parts to build an X-Drive test base and I hope to refine it and learn PROS and set up odometry before next season.

Xometry is where I get my parts done. They have a wide selection of materials and tolerances, and since they offer cnc machining, you can get stuff done in vex legal thickness. I can also vouch for them being able to make the parts quickly and ship them fast too


You could try checking with a nearby university and seeing about getting your parts cut in their machine shop. Not sure if they’ll do it, but its probably worth a shot.


Am I doing something wrong? These prices are ridiculous. image

Seems to follow the rule, “good, fast, cheap, pick any two”


if you can spare the time and pay for the lexan and shipping I can see about getting it cut on my school’s CNC

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You could message some local machine shops as they are usually friendly and have fair prices.

A while ago I solved this problem. One of my parents teaches at a university and they know someone that can cut the pieces. This thread can be closed if necesary.