Preauton buttons on brain LCD

I don’t understand preauton buttons on the brain.
I want buttons for difference programs autonomous. I try copy yours topical but I did download on the brain but it was don’t work so please explain to me and example code. Do not show old topic! it was not work for me.

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What language/editor are you using?

Pros works by putting code in void initialize() and if you want the code to only run when plugged into a competition switch will run void competition_initialize(). This is where you can put startup code like checking if the sd card is plugged in and whatever you need to do to get the robot ready code wise

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Back in VCS days - this was the approach we took (and it ports to VEXcode well)


If you are using PROS you could use this.


I did this but it not work for me. I ask it, where put preauton or autonomous or usercontrol. I don’t know where put

I use Vexcode V5 pros

PROS is the Purdue Robotics Operating system and is different from Vexcode V5 Pro. I am in VEXU so I use PROS and can’t help you with Vexcode. There should be many people on the forum that can help you with that or you can join the Unofficial Vex Discord and get answers in the software channel.


The post has a VCS project that you can import in VEXcode V5 Pro - it compiles and shows were button setup happens.

Good luck!

But i noticed they use Vex v5 Pro. That cause I confused.