Problem with out of stock parts

We are having an issue in building the robot that works with the game. In going to competitions, it seems most are using similar parts (pneumatic shooter, 4-inch wheels for disc shooter, smaller wheels for intake, etc). Because the parts are all similar, so are the components used to make them and a lot of the ones we are looking to add to our robot are out of stock. We 3D printed an adapter to use one of the big spinners for a tournament. In consecutive weeks, our robot was allowed to use them (they never checked or asked), but our MS team was not allowed to because the parts are deemed as functional.

If we can’t make the parts and they are not in stock, what are people using to build a robot that can compete with the same game elements as the top teams in every tournament, but without using the same components?

this is an extremely vague question, but for the one specific example you did use, check out Better Ways to Mount Flex Wheels. In general, there are not a lot of parts that can’t be replaced if you get creative. Is it difficult? Sure. But is it doable? Also yes. Plus it looks great in an engineering notebook.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll take a look. I know its going to mean we have to get more creative in what we use as an adapter. Didn’t think about making it a highlight :slight_smile:

No problem. Lack of parts is going to be a problem a lot of teams have, so creative and innovative solutions are always a great thing to show judges.