Problems and solutions for Double Reverse 6-bar lifts

Hey, my team is considering using a double reverse 6-bar lift for the tower takeover season, and I was wondering if there are any teams out there with experience using double reverse 6-bars? What problems did you guys have and how did you fix them? Any tips trick you would be willing to share are greatly appreciated

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Although I have never tried to build a double reverse 6 bar, I would suggest researching it before you try to build. There are some Double reverse 4 bar links out there that could be beneficial.

I would also suggest making a pros and cons list before you start.
I honestly think this could be a great lift for Tower Takeover.
Good Luck!


Check out this thread:
Refining our DR4B.


A DR6B obviously has its height benefits. But does it really need to be that tall? I’d want to take precautions when stacking cubes higher than about 7 to ensure tipping isn’t a problem (because I assume this is for Tower Takeover, and if not, disregard this specific advice).

A DR4B, built well with necessary additions, can reach 4 feet easily. In ITZ, we saw some of those robots tip somewhat often. A DR6B would be even taller, and tipping could be a problem.
I’d take that into account when building a base. It would have to have a pretty low CG.


I don’t think tipping will be that much of a problem, because the only time you would be extending to full height is when you’re stacking cubes, and you have some protection from defense while doing that. If it did end up being a problem, you could always make anti-tips.