ProjectWhiteboard: Virtual Strategy Board and Scoring App for Tipping Point

Hey everyone! I’m excited to present ProjectWhiteboard, a (unofficial) virtual strategy board and scoring app for VRC Tipping Point.

You might find this useful for discussing strategy, crafting gameplans with alliances, visualizing skills/auton routes, etc, or simply to score matches.


  • Interactive field with movable mobile goals
  • Score calculator with support for Head-to-Head, Skills and Live-Remote-Tournament matches
  • Annotation tools to plan out your match strategies, etc
  • Save your annotations so you can revisit them later

ProjectWhiteboard is available for:

Disclaimer for Browser Users

For users viewing on mobile browsers, it is recommended to add ProjectWhiteboard to homescreen - this will install it as a Progressive Web App that looks better and can run without an internet connection.

Clearing browser cache will result in loss of all saved data.

Additional screenshots:


As a driver, I really like this idea because then I can give a visual image to our alliance partner (or the other way around) because I am not the best at explaining stuff. I also see that this could be good for the programmer to explain what the auton would do. I think that I will be using this in future competitions.


Tis the most beautiful app in a long time. And most definitely not an over simplified scoring calculator.


The scoring interface is quite good - quick and intuitive to enter and read. I wish the live-scoring for TM would be revised to match. Well done.


This is like

on steroids. It seems like it would be really helpful :heart: thx


makes the one i made look like nothing great job your work wont go unused

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Great job! I will certainly use it for my upcoming tournaments!

My only gripe is with ring scoring. When adding rings to the mobile goals, they do not show up as they do in the VEX Scoring App. Another thing is that rings can be scored well last what is physically possible in real matches. Now while this would not affect any real match scoring, it might affect strategy and match preparations, especially if teams are unaware of such a physical scoring limit.


Hey everyone, thanks for the supportive comments :blush:

It brings me great joy to see that my work has been helpful to other teams - so if you’ve found this to be useful, please help to share it with others!

@RoboCatz Appreciate the feedback. Made some changes:

  • Rings now appear on the scoring popup (you can toggle it off if it’s distracting)
  • Number of rings that can be scored on branches have been capped to physical limits. The counter also turns red if you exceed the “realistic limit” of 4 rings x 2 branches (diagonal branches) / 8 rings (alliance mogo branches)

rings now appear!

@karmanyaahm I just saw your suggestion for draggable robot objects with attachable mogos. I really like that idea! Can’t promise anything though as I don’t have much free time to work on this project at the moment…

If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, feel free to share them with me here!


You can actually fit more than 8 rings on alliance mogos. If you turn them so that they are offset and the troughs fit into each other, you can get up to 13 rings on them.


Thanks for the update!!

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Thank you. This is simply amazing.

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Hey, I really enjoyed using this software for tipping point strategy sessions. Is there going to be an update for the new game?