PROS Applied Tutorial Series

PROS Applied Tutorial Series

A tutorial series by ALBA, targeted towards beginners, with a focus on application (as opposed to theory) of the PROS environment and C programming in general
Like Cody’s PROS tutorial series, only it’s still on youtube (for now)

As always, questions, comments, feedback, complaints, etc. are always welcome.

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Ep 1: Downloading and Installing PROS (The beginning)

In our first episode, we download and install pros . . . and I ramble on about boring stuff while we wait around

and in case you are off to a bad start

Ep 1 1/2: Installation Troubles (When things go wrong)

Watch if your PROS didn’t install right and you don’t know what to do Like Lion King 1 1/2, but with less singing

Thanks so much!! Our team is trying to train two new programmers and this will be very much appreciated by them! And me since I want to know how the programming side of stuff works

This is a great help thanks!

Ep 2: Creating a Project (Let’s get started)

In this episode we create a project and take a look at it’s structure - what files we care about and where our code gets written

Ep 3: Controlling Motors (Our first code!)

In this episode we write our first code and make some motors turn

Ep 4: Reading from a Controller (Our first input source)

In this episode we look at the joystickGet commands and learn how we can use them to control motors.

Ep 5: Base Driver Control (Tank Drive and Arcade Drive)

In this episode we begin writing our driver control code, starting with the base. We program two different drive styles: tank and arcade.

Ep 6: Lift and Intake Control (Adding 2 More Subsystems)

In this episode we add a lift and intake to our driver control program from the previous episode

Ep 7: Deadbands and Holding a Lift Up (with If Statements)

In this episode we improve our driver control program by using if-then-else logic to hold our lift up and to create a deadband for our base so the motors don’t whine

We will take a short break for Christmas and be back sometime in the middle of next week

@Highwayman Were you able to continue making videos? These tutorials are amazing!

Lies. :wink:

Truths… Hopefully…

Are these still relevant with the newest version of PROS?

I am trying to get resources together for a student learning PROS for V5 and these seemed comprehensive.

Not everything will still be relevant, but, as long as the student is not allergic to reading the API documentation, they can probably quickly figure out what needs to change from the tutorials in this thread.

I planned to pair a good tutorial with this , the only thing I am fuzzy on is how to compile and send the code to the robot.

Hope to have Chinese subtitles…

There are separate buttons within atom for compiling and uploading, but if those dont work then just open up a command prompt (assuming windows), cd to the pros project’s directory, then write

prosv5 mu

. ‘m’ is short for “make” which compiles the code, and ‘u’ is short for “upload”. If you want to also open a serial debug stream (which can be printed to within the program), then add a ‘t’ for “terminal”, so that your command becomes

prosv5 mut


If you need to download to a different slot, then first run

prosv5 make

, then run

prosv5 upload --slot SLOT_NUMBER