Question for tilting mechanism

I am currently building a 4 stage tray robot, I only have one motor for the tilting mechanism and am wondering if I have enough power to tilt a full load of cubes with a 7:1 gear ratio and a 100rpm cartridge

100 RPM motor and a 1:7 ratio should be fine with good geometry. At least, it works for us.

If you need help with geometry, I’d recommend checking out this thread here.

Edit: A 1:21 would work as well, but it would be fairly slow with a 100RPM motor. You may be able to get away with 1:21 200RPM, I’ve seen it done before with good geometry.


For my 11 stack I use 21:1 with a 200 rpm motor and it works

We can push up 11 cubes with our tray using a 1:7 100rpm ratio with fine tuned geometry.