Question on launching triballs

So me and my team came up with an idea of using a catapult to launch the triballs over from our loading area to our scoring area for our teamate to then score them. Looking through the rules there are no specific rules indicating launching the triballs is a no go besides possibly R5.

And so i was wondering om what yall think on this rule and the launcher in general.

Probably going to be a meta strategy.

I was watching the middle school worlds finals and I think they said that launching would be nearly impossible for what I’ve interpreted. It’s because of the goals, they seem difficult to shoot under.


Good thing that you can shoot on top of them then, as long as the net doesn’t act like a trampoline :crossed_fingers:


Would only need to get them over, not necessarily under the goals. Your alliance member can push them under.

105 seconds of driver control, 24 to load, need to launch one per 4.375 seconds. to get them all over. So probably need them one per 2-3 seconds to get them over with time to push under.


Since acorns don’t need to be under the goal to score, shooting them across is likely going to be meta, especially given the amount of preloads. And towards the end of the match you could just go over with a wall/bulldozer and just shove them all under, one that doesn’t violate possession rules.


Yes, the tops of the triballs seem to extend above the goal bar.

I think you would need quite a bit of force to launch them and get them underneath. They don’t look like they’d just slide into the goal.

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I think OP means that one robot (the “over”) will take in match loads from the opposing zone and catapult them over to somewhere near their net, where the other robot (the “under”) will score into the net.

imo, I think this will be the early meta until teams can incorporate both over and under mechs into one robot


I watched Grant bounce a triball on the goal, and it bounced right off. Rebound.


I like all the different replies and viewpoints that I see! I was just stating what I noticed after the middle school reveal when Grant answered some questions.

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If you look at the dimensions, the triball is taller than the goal, so it will only go in if the foam is compressed. As a result, the triball has to be touching the ground to go in. Launching triballs means either making it bounce PERFECTLY or making it bounce once or twice and roll by throwing it flat. Also, you don’t need to get it all of the way in, only two vertices.

Was there in person (For one, it was SO MUCH FUN to be at worlds). and yeah, they said basically that. Very much going to be a slow year with a minimally evolving meta, opposite of Spin-Up.

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The meta is going to be one robot sitting by match loads firing them onto their side while the other robot collects and scores them with a good collection system ( a blocking system could be an interesting idea for this game is launching is meta).

If this does prove to be the case, then what does the launching bot do after all match loads are fielded? Based on prior years, I suspect all 22 could be launched in 10 seconds, under 30 seconds would be quite realistic.

So, extend the meta… what next?

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Then they play defense against the opponent’s offense bot, or throw back the triballs that the other launcher fired!

I hung out with the staff today after they built the field here at WORLDS. I’m rebooting my MSVRC program next year and I’m pumped!

Launching is expected. You just have to touch the bar and they can be loaded right into the bot. They will not just roll into the goal, though.

You will need to shove the acorns under the bar. The pipe and tiles will flex. It will be pretty hard to descore.

The hanging bar wiggled a little too much for my taste…


Isnt it also a possibility to plant a triball onto an enemy opponent robot that way they would have to get it off before being able to elevate?

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Contact with (or Possession of) Triballs is irrelevant when determining a Robot’s Elevated status.

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If you read the manual you will see that triballs do not affect elevation status, you still count as elevated even if you’re touching/in possession of one.

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