Red screen on old controller

So I have a controller with a persistent red screen. Old thread (and other similar) says:

I have done the above with the a brain on its own and the brain connected to computer, VexCodeV5 running, brain discovered. Nothing happens.

Devices on brain does not find controller. Controller v5 ports blinking red. Reset button back of controller is the only way to power the controller off. Power on, connect to brain by cable or connect to computer by usb all power controller on at red screen.

Its old, is it dead?

Edit: FWIW the controller is slightly warm a bit right of the A button at the base of the right joystick and around toward R1.

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Try updating the firmware using the V5-vexos loader. Make sure VEXCode is not running when you try the loader. The loader fixed a problem for me last week, I was able to force the V5 firmware download to happen.

Worth a shot, but not devices found.

Looks like a call to VEX support is in your future, call now they are still open

Were you able to call in and get some more ideas or even better a fix?

Hasn’t risen back to the top of my list yet. I’ll post back whether it is recoverable or not.