Regarding Frequent Low Quality/Spammy Forum Posts

Hello forum users,
I am not the oldest or wisest forum user. But I visit regularly, and am concerned with the low quality and usefulness of many forum posts that have been made recently.
The VEX Forum has been a great place to go and get help, and it still is. However, I feel like it has become much more spammy and less useful over the past few months. I have a few suggestions that I would like to give on this topic. These are mostly going to be directed at new users, but please understand I am not trying to call anyone out. It’s okay, we all love to find a new community where we belong, and it’s great when that happens. Without further ado, here are my advice/pleas:

  1. Please limit chit-chat to PMs and Discord.
    This is a Forum to discuss VEX Robotics, not a chat service. PMs exist for a reason, to have quick, smaller chats that do not disturb the rest of the forum. So does discord. Many region-specific discord servers exist, as well as a larger Vex Teams of the World one (although I’m not sure that that is still what it is named). People can give you the links to these. Please Use them. They really help with limiting the amount of spammy chit chat that occurs on the forums. There has been a lot of this occurring recently, and it’s getting really annoying. I don’t want to have to scroll through 50 posts in Dankest Vex Memes or Cursed Images to see a funny meme that relates to vex or and actual cursed image. And this really shouldn’t be happening outside of chit chats, but it is.

  2. Please keep posts detailed, professional, and use good grammar and punctuation.
    It’s really annoying to read through posts like this (I just wrote this up, no one actually posted this. I may have exaggerated it, but not by a whole lot.):

Hi so i have been having probles with mi lift its note lifting up and i don;t kno what to do pls help me pls pls pls i have a comp tomorrow and i dont know waht the problme is pls help me now pls is there anyone who can hlp me???

Like, seriously. Why would anyone think that this is a good idea? Using good grammar is not only a good way to get more detailed, specific help from people when they can actually understand what you are asking, it really helps people take you more seriously, and is not a bad thing to do in real life.

  1. Limit the amount of #chit-chat-rumor-mill threads you make.
    It’s really annoying to have 5 or 6 new chit chat threads that are almost identical to other ones already made. I know that they are fun, but they distract from other actually important threads where people are actively trying to get help. And before anyone brings up the " well you can just filter by topic tags" argument, I actually like my chit-chat rumor mill threads. I like reading dank vex memes and seeing cursed images, and I’m sure others do too. But I find having to go through 60 posts of spammy chit-chat annoying.

  2. Use the Search Bar.
    It exists. Use it. A lot of posts recently have been nearly identical to previous ones, and could be cut down a lot if people would use the search bar.

  3. Please double check what you post.
    It’s okay to be unsure of whether or not something is correct, and it’s okay to make mistakes and be wrong. It’s how we learn. But please, if you are not sure of something, say so. I see well intentioned people trying to help others, but give solutions that are flawed.
    And others, when you see these, don’t just use a blatant “that’s wrong, it’s…” Please be kind, respectful, and professional.

  4. Please respect and listen to those who have more experience than you. It’s pretty annoying to see someone who’s argument/opinion is flawed continually disregard, ignore, or try to antagonize someone who is quite clearly more experienced in that field. Now, I’m not saying that what you say does not matter, it does. But please listen to those who are clearly experienced in what they are saying and present their facts well.

That about covers it. Thank you for reading through this, and please take my advice here, so that we can have a more productive forum.


Check out this post on Helping us on how to help you

(From one of the people that have been here a long, long time)


I have been thinking of making a post like this for quite a while, so I am glad it is finally here. I would also like to add a link to the community guidelines as many people also forget about them.


this is an awesome post, my two cents real quick. Writeup what you are going to write, then delete it.
Next ask yourself if that is worth retyping but better? I do this a good bit because i am afraid of spamming up the forums.
Always feel free to ask questions, either on the post or in the PM’s
PM’s are a great place to work in

Anyone remember the PM 2.0?


Before everyone starts following Solaris’s lead and posting every single vex discord to ever exist, here is a nice helpful spreadsheet by Connor that leads to most active and useful vex discords.


Also, there is an edit and delete post button. If you mess something up, don’t post beneath it “sorry for grammar/wording/formatting”. Just use the edit button.


I would add to the list - don’t revive really old topics (meaning over a year and some cases a week if has been answered).


I would like to add on a few of the things that individuals do a relatively good job at on the forums because I believe there should be a balance of criticism and complement.

  1. The forums succeeds in the goal of helping others. Out of other forums that I have been on with a similar age range we are very mature and useful. Keep up the good work everyone.

  2. @seenSeal. I think we do a great job using the appropriate use of pings. I have not experienced or seen much spam pings. Admins aren’t just pinged randomly.

  3. Comment on grammer.

I think it is very important to set an example and use proper grammar. As someone with a reading writing disability seeing people create well formatted and thought out posts with correct grammar really inspired me to try to do the same.


Also helpful when those who don’t use English as their primary language are reading posts!


PLEASE reply to the specific post when your message is in response to it. This tags the writer of that post and lets everyone know what you are talking about.

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Great thread, I’ve been noticing this too (as a new user myself)

So, I have been realizing that people aren’t really compiling their statements, questions, etc. into one post quite often.
This example may be a little exaggerated, just fyi.

“I agree.”

I just wanted to let everyone know that it’s important to compile some of the information into one post, as long as it relates.
I’m not saying that people should be putting all their questions from varying topics into one post. Just the things that actually corelate to the topic.

Hopefully that made sense.


Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of duplicate posts on the forums. There’s been so many questions asked on these forums: almost everything I look up in the search bar has been answered already. Sometimes the things in there will not help, and when that’s the case, I try to say “I already checked x thread and their method doesn’t work”. I would suggest others do the same