Remote still Valve

So I’ve had pneumatics for a good while and I bought them when there was the old kit with the remote fill valve and I’ve been using that ever since and it’s been working great but recently I have been seeing and hearing about how it’s not legal to use anymore and I’m confused by this because if I want to but the valve that comes in the new kit I have to buy the entire kit and it’s a waste of money all for a valve and they stopped making the valve separately and on top of that the pneumatic kit with the valve isn’t in stock and I doubt it will be in stock before this season ends and if you want to buy a valve from another website for it that’s also not legal so I’m confused can someone please help me, Thank You

Wow, that’s one long sentence…

Here’s the issue with the game manual: In past seasons, there was always a provision in the game manual that parts from old VEX kits were legal indefinitely, but that provision is no longer in the current game manual. In last season’s game (Change up) this was rule R6(c). In the current manual, all components need to part of the “V5 Product Line” which is shown on the website. Nearly all of the old Cortex items are included in the V5 product line, including some discontinued items (for example, the 6" leg wheel 276-2218 is discontinued but listed as a legal V5 component). The problem is that the component you have (the remote Schrader fill valve) is not specifically on the “V5” list anymore.

(for lurkers, we’re talking about this: image )

A nice solution is presented here: Better way to fill up pneumatic reservoirs

If I were the inspector, I wouldn’t have an issue with the old Schrader valve, nor with the new solution presented, as they are all stock SMC components (VEX doesn’t make any pneumatic stuff); however, for an official answer, a Q&A will need to be posted to ensure the old Schrader valve is officially legal.

No, you can buy a valve separately, just not from VEX:

Here’s the Schrader valve that screws into the air tank:

and here’s the shut-off valve referenced in the “better way to fill up pneumatic reserviours” (if it wasn’t part of the old kit you have):
or VHK3-04F-04F by SMC - Buy or Repair at Radwell -