Rise Above Robot Ideas

I just made this so we could have a place to discuss rise above robot ideas.

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Im thinking of a 5 wheel omni drive this year… Do you guys think that would be a good idea?


i was just thinking of a front lift and a back chain lift. front more for stacking and back for base

Well we have 6 motors, So i was thinking a 4 motor, 5 wheel omni drive and a double front lift if that is even possible… Im really hyped about this season… Ive been doing this for three years and have never been to state :pensive:. This is probably my last year to make it… We’ve got second place in tournaments 5 times…:grimacing:

i know how that feels .Last season was my first season and we lost our chance by one point, and the thing is that the teams that beat up was already going to state.

IKR In our one competition, First place was the #1 and #2 in state, and our #1 in state was like 22 in the world…

luckily, i have a lot more seasons to come. 6 more i think.(im in 6th grade) Maybe even more time because i want to become a robotic engineer.

There’s already many threads that have Rise Above ideas, scoring ideas etc.
Please use the search bar before making new topics.

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Maybe instead of doing one motor for each omniwheel, you could gear/chain them together.


I think that it will be interesting to see what teams do in regards to risers that are knocked over. Is it worth the extra time, and possibly motor, to tip the risers back to vertical, or is it a better use of time to drive around the toppled riser for the rest of the game?
It’s very interesting how different the skills and teamwork field setups are, and it definitely seems like most designs will have to manage a trade-off between picking up and scoring multiple risers at once, which comes in handy with the 2-high stacks in skills, and building for the ability to handle risers scattered around the field and manuvering around the field in teamwork.

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I think these objects will be easy to set upright, without a special motor for that.

It definitely depends on the robot’s design. For example, if a team chose to lift risers from the top because they thought it the best option, then their lift might not be built to reach the ground because it isn’t essential. However, if a team’s strategy were to pick up from the middle layer of risers, then their fully lowered lift would probably be enough to right the riser, and if that robot was holding risers at that time then it may be impossible to flip a riser. My point still stands that it may take more time and field space to right a riser than it could to just grab another one.

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I was thinking for the arm, if we had a elevator that picks the risers from the side it will make the job much easier. For the base I was thinking an all wheel drive base with 4 omni wheels. I have a YouTube channel that has one idea but I am waiting for the parts to come in for the elevator parts to come in. My YouTube channel name is Supreme VexIQ

Oh and Fun Fact My team made it to worlds last year here are some photos2020-02-29


since the space is kind of limited, im thinking about a 5 wheel h drive

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You can only do IQ through middle school. It’s meant for elementary school, and once you make it to high school, you have to do EDR

I think he meant seasons in robotics all together.

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I feel some of you, my team was 1 point in skills away from worlds