Riseabove strategies

Hi guys I wanna share my strategies for VexIq rise above. Here is mine.


For Teamwork challege our teams main goal is to atleast make 6 three stacks and two rows. So Team A will get all the orenge risers and place it on the right side of the field. Team B will get all of the blue risers and place it on the Left side of the field. Team a will start on the right side of the field and Team B will start on the left side of the field.


For skills I think you can go for any risers bc the risers are not that spreaded apart.

Instead of having one team focus on one color (which ignores 1/3 of the game elements) you can split the field in half vertically. Designating one row for each color decreases the amount of times a team would need to cross the field which in iq takes significant time. Teams would focus on completing their respective side goals and split the middle goals. For instance the row closest to the sides of the field can be for orange and purple and the middle row for blue. Iq drives can be fairly slow due to the motor limits so reducing the distance needed to drive can increase efficiency. Robot design can heavily impact strategy. robots capable of moving 3 or 4 risers at once will obviously take different paths than robots able to move 1 riser. Plus you can work with your partners to complete stacks as well. A taller, lower capacity lift could easily finish stacks created by a faster shorter robot. I’m not in iq so i am not familiar with the iq skills format but the most successful runs will be the ones that reduce the amount of time spent traveling and use the most time scoring.


:rofl: man have you seen these robots? They don’t have barely any weight on them so they can cruise with a 2 motor 2:1 drivetrain.


Ya, but i have thing would it be a good idea to put the risers by columms or rows

To me, it looks like there are two categories of strategies. The first is the vertical where the rows go along the short side of the field. If one team is unreliable, this allow the other to cut their losses and guarantee that they can finish their row/rows. However, this limits the scoring potential because there are only so many of the same color on one side of the field and running too the other side, while doable, will never be as fast. The second category is where the rows are eight feet long. this should be faster because each team scores all three colors on their side of the field without ever crossing paths. However, if a single low riser fails to complete a row, its a huge loss.

option 1: lower score, safer with slow teams
option 2: faster/higher score, greater risk


I have seen some of them yes, relative to vrc bots, iq bots are slower and accelerate significantly slower. Plus the time limit did not increase you still have 1 minute to cross a larger gap at a slower speed. keep in mind the iq field has increased significantly in size this year. In past years this may not have been a problem due to the smaller field.

That’s a pretty negative way to put things. Yes some teams will not be as reliable as you would like but I’m pretty sure you will not be the only good team in existence.


no cool dude is winning worlds this season


u will win worlds and go to mit with ur10 designs i believe in yiu mr cooldude


Well every worlds is going to have that. It doesn’t mean that every team is bad

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Reminder to keep threads on topic. This thread is about Rise Above Strategies. Complaining about other teams, Clawbots at Worlds or how many robots you have built is irrelevant.

We should be collaborating and lifting each other up, not devolving in to a measuring contest about who is better.


Sorry I will delete all of my posts

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I am struggling with strategies for the in-person teamwork layout of Rise Above, and I was wondering if anyone had thoughts for new strategies or improvements on what we already have (here is what I’ve got so far). One limitation is that we can’t really grab the blue riser that is on top of the other two consistently.


yes totally and @Cadaver_42 could you elaborate on splitting the field and what that would look like? I know that the field clear used this strat.

I made a video on stragites, It might not be useful. If u need more explaination you can PM me.

Thanks for the video, but I was hoping for something that explains it more step by step than just “you grab these risers and score them.” Maybe a robot match video or a field with arrows. Also, I think that there is a much more efficient way to score than one color at a time (maybe mixing up the color scoring order to be more efficient), and that is more what I am looking for.

Hope this doesn’t count as reviving a dead thread, but my sister team and my team have a 242 point strat that we just got under our belt.


Very nice! Can you send a diagram / video of it? I’d like to know what your strategy is if you are willing to share. Also, what team number are you? Thanks!

Team No. Is 44442A I will try to record it next time I go for a practice with them. My team gets 102 then they do the other 102 and we work together for the last 38. Tho sometimes we don’t get to that.

I can get you a vid of my strategy tho just by myself.


That’d be great. I can’t wait to see it! Good luck.