Robot Concept - Team 81K

Team 81K is proud to release our first robot concept this season.

The design has two intake stages to allow the robot to intake/descore balls or quickly discard them from any of the goals. The tray is a compact design made with bent angle pieces and an extending portion for a large ball capacity. The lift, a four bar that extend back, allows the tray to move between the top and bottom of the goal without requiring the robot to move. Finally a specialized cage is mounted on the back of the robot and is deployed around the center goal to completely block descoring. (Note that this should be considered legal as the piece does not grab/attach to the goal and can be lifted off.)

What are your thoughts and ideas about this concept? I would love to hear them.


Nice Bot! We had a similar idea with the cage/circular wall for the center goal. We’re playing tic tac toe, so the middle is pretty important. Very cool idea to have the 4-bar go backwards!


tfw Dennis posts his blender render before you finish yours


That descore blocker is OP.


1:21 someone had some fun with rigid bodies


I like the start of the video. I’m also working on come cool lighting effects for my render.


The ability for the 4b to move balls from bottom to top without moving the bot itself is smart, and the cage looks pretty cool. The angular displacement is quite a bit larger than the typical 4b designs we’ve seen so far though- designs that we’ve already seen will be facing problems beating Snailbots in cycle time. Overall its a great design. I’d love to see that cage in action cuz in a game like this being able to block off the middle tower will be extremely useful


I love the cage, I had a prototype similar to yours except I didn’t consider a flip out to achieve the complete wrap around. My prototype had two sides of the cage which would hook onto each other.


Wouldn’t the cage be in violation of the rule that says no clamping onto field elements?


@Sylvie I think it only goes around the cage so it’s probably legal since it’s not really holding it

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It shouldn’t be if there’s space between it and the goal


It does not not clamp the field, and is big enough to not touch all sides of the goal at once.


Speaking of this, I’m gonna have some fun with volumetrics in my render

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Awesome release! The robot is cool and all but the animation is truly amazing. Most people probably won’t appreciate just how much went into that until they try it themselves. I haven’t got a clue how you did the physics sim at the end. Keep amazing us @Codec!


Could someone please explain the logo. It looks like 11K to me

This is a really cool design. I love seeing what you guys come up with. For the cage, would the opening somehow lock? Would there be a chance that it could be pried open?

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Playing devil’s advocate on this, couldn’t it be argued that, if a team pushes the cage into the goal, that you are “attached to it”? Seems like a solid idea, was just curious about how it may be ruled from this perspective.

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As of now I think you’re safe. After a month of the Q and A, maybe not.


It’s an abstract logo.

It does not lock, it is just rubber-banded to close. I doubt any robot would be able to open it or lift it off the goal. They would need a specialized hook or something, and then it would still be hard.


Even without the cage, this robot would still work really well. Glad to see Vex is fostering different ways of thinking beyond the “meta”