Robot Defence/Blocking

Let’s suppose team A was blocking team B, and playing rough defence. However, team B was a stronger robot, so they were able to push team A into team B’s 10 point zone. However, let’s say that team A could not get out of the 10 point zone, and lost the match because of that reason. Would team B be disqualified, considering that it was match affecting? Or will there be no disqualification, since the Game manual says that robots can do whatever they want to a robot playing rough defence?

Another question: Say team a was blocking team B, but team A had a stack of 10 cones on them. While team B was pushing team A, all of team A’s cones got knocked over. Will team B be disqualified for knocking over cones or not, since team A was playing defence?


This topic is very situational and context-sensitive. Please see the following posts and the Q&A Summary Document for more information:

This is incorrect. The April 5th update specifically refers to robots which are encompassing or interacting with opposing Mobile Goals, not just robots which are playing rough defense.

Team B would likely be in violation of SG5 for knocking over Team A’s stack, regardless of if they were playing defense or not.