Robot issues

Hello forum users. I hope you guys are doing well! I was having some issues with my robot at school today. I am having center of gravity issues with my robot. When I drive forwards, the side with the three mobile goals falls backwards and can’t get back up. Any solutions?


I dont have a solution but this is a really good design do you think this is a worth it design to go forward with?

Try anti-tips, like many teams used in Tower Takeover :smiley:


yes and make sure you have one on all three sides


very interesting design! do you have any videos of the actual build? I’d love to see it in action not only to help diagnose the tipping, but just because it looks cool.

the first think to notice is how your center of mass is positioned. With 3 goals on one side of the bot, and one goal on the other, the center of mass is going to be way out on that side of the robot. finding a way to bring the goals closer to the center of the robot would likely help a lot. especially on the arm that holds the goal out on the tippy side, if you can have that goal go inwards and over the center of the robot, then your center of mass would be roughly centered on your geometry, and would make your robot less tippy. Antitip bars could definitely stop the robot from tipping, but they can also be clumsy and reduce mobility if they need to be too long. if they only need to stick out a little bit though, that could be a good option.


I tried anti static spray but it did not help. Any reason why? Also I do not have any videos of the robot but I can take some at my next practice

With having 3 MOGOs hanging off the back of your robot and with 66% percent of the motor power being there, you will most likely encounter a lot of tipping issues. If possible I would try to swap the two side MOGO lifts to the front two chassis bars.

We tried picking up the yellow mobile goals on the side with one mobile goal as shown in the picture but the longer pole was not enough to counteract the weight.

ah I thought the username was familiar. Are you perhaps on the same team as @vexlover72? High quality post as always, almost as good as the potentiometer one.

but tbh this is an unironically cool robot, even if it would certainly fail in practice.

For anyone actually attempting a 4 goal holding robot, bring goals in to the center of the bot as much as possible, the trick is getting those goals to nest as compactly as you can so that you are still somewhat maneuverable, have good center of mass, and can climb the platform (the whole point of carrying so many goals at once)

And as cool as there are, don’t use a kiwi drive if you intend to be competitive.


I am not associated with vexlover72. Although we have similar names haha.


I would suggest flip-out anti-tip “wheelie bars” to fix your balance issue. Also, this design will give me nightmares, in a good way though. I really don’t want to face this. Good luck this year!