Potentiometer Warranty

Hello I recently broke 14 potentiometers and my mentor found out. I was wondering if the warranty still applies to the potentiometers. I have heard that the warranty lasts only so long but I have gotten v5 motors that were over a year old replaced. Thank you.

You again… VEX will repair electronics within 3 months of the purchase date for free, after that it would cost a sizable amount of money for 14 pots. I’m not sure if a potentiometer counts as an electronic device though.

I might add that the sheer amount of stupidity in this thread and your other one from last night is pretty darn close to infinite.


Oh perfect I got the 14 that I broke less then 2 months ago. The other 8 aren’t as lucky… Thanks.

I mean their potentiometer-on-drivetrain idea did work out in the end after they used the adapter I recommended…

Stop it. @DRow maybe a lock on this thread? I feel it will become just like the one last night.


Just to clarify, there is a 3 month time period where if you vex product does not work, you can send it to get it fixed/ replaced. I am not sure if sensors fall under the category so I would contact vex support and ask.

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Not trying to be offensive but I do not appreciate the last part of your post. He/she is just trying to get help on a problem they are having and you are making them feel bad about their problem.

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I’m not talking about him, I’m talking about the discussions in his threads.

Oh ok. I thought you were talking about his problem.

Everyone has silly goofups like thinking a potentiometer is an encoder. Not everyone tries to confuse people by offering poor solutions (@Wes8) or breaks valuable VEX equipment, gets another student suspended, then brags about it on the forums (@Lo4ding). There is nothing wrong with not understanding, there is a problem with deliberately giving out terrible advice.


You guys do realize that this guys is trolling, right? I mean come one, the puncher/flywheel ideas can only be a joke and the wheels thing can only be a joke. If this guy is new, I don’t think they were inspired by any good team to use 3 different sets of wheels…


I clarified this yesterday and told you guys that I am not a troll. I understand the situation is ridiculous but I know I am not the only person to mix up a potentiometer and encoder. I am new to vex and I am figuring stuff out. Why would I go on a forum that is used to get help (like I am) and try to cause confusion/troll?

I answer questions people ask. I don’t care if they are trolling or not, because that is for DRow to decide.

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Well… Ok. I know where you’re coming from Taran lol, I always give people the benefit of the doubt and am almost always proven wrong in Q&A discord servers I’m in. (they end up being trolls) I mean either way I don’t have a problem with it so… shrug

EDIT: Yeah we might as well end this thread now.

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I have a hard time believing you. After looking at your previous posts one, in particular, stood out. Omni Mecanum Traction Here you say that your team name is 22192b and that is not even a real team. correct me if I am wrong.


I was planning on making a private organization but chose not to make one because of how pricey it is. I’m sure the number is still available if you want to check on robotevents. I don’t understand why I have to protect my name from everyone. I am just asking questions on a forum meant for questions.

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In the event that you can’t get them replaced, they should still function. Just rotate them back to their original position. The hardstops are not required to function, they just help keep the sensor within its range. Might be a pain to find out where their working range is though.