Robot Virtual Worlds a VEXcode Companion piece?

Would it be possible to provide the VEX Community with RVW 30 day trial licenses? I know it is outdated, but is one of few options for students to use given the present situation. Plus, when it is paired with, it makes for a decent curriculum option to hold everyone over, even with the blocks/text being out of date, and slightly different. And since we’re on the subject. Will Robotmatter/VEX create a RVW companion for VEXCode? Seems like it would be in high demand right about now.

This thread details that as of July 2019, Virtual Worlds was not planned for IQ Blocks. Needless to say, that could change, or not apply to the rest of VexCode applications.

This is a good post about available Virtual Worlds solutions stuff.

To completely answer your question, I believe at some point, be it 1 month or 3 years, Robotmatter/Vex will create a Virtual Worlds for VexCode. Is it their priority right now? No. Is it even in the works right now? Who knows. This features page from their website details the changes being made for VexCode 2.0 versions, and Virtual Worlds is not mentioned.