Rule G19 -

Ball control is limited while Hanging. Robots which are not contacting the Floor may control a
maximum of two (2) Balls.

This is the August 2021 update. If I read this correctly, the previous teams that hang and dump all the balls will violate this rule.


Yes, that is my interpretation of the rule, and as far as can tell, it what you said is correct. I would guess that VEX did this because one of the high hanging dumper robots can solo max out the field, and two of them would just destroy the game, and it wouldn’t be fun for anyone else. I would imagine that VEX thought of this design, but didn’t think that teams could manage to get all 22 balls inside their robot, half of them under the bar, and high climb while still staying in sizebox.

In short, they were not playing the game how it was meant to be played. So VEX decided to make that illegal.

There are two ways to beat a game though. The first is to take a shortcut and make a robot that “beats the game” in that you find a loophole so you can easily take a shortcut to all the points (a classic example is Next Level). The second way is to outplay the game in that you play the game how it was designed to be played, but you are far better at it than VEX thought (a good example is Rise Above).

Now that VEX has outlawed the shortcut or loophole that makes the game not be played how it was designed to be (unless there is another one that is still undiscovered), it’s probably going to be played how it was intended to, which I would guess is scoring 1 or 2 at time by somehow shooting them. But with the way things are going, I’m not convinced that VEX solved the problem with this rule. The catapult robot design is getting scarily good…

I’m looking forward to hearing others’ thoughts on this.


I’m thinking that they want the robot to hang and throw the balls at/in the scoring area; I believe they don’t want this to be the same system, rather trying to implement two systems in one so they don’t contradict one another. Dumping, in my opinion, defeats this purpose, as it encourages little movement (other than collecting balls). VEX wants us to throw/lift, as that’s the whole gimmick of the new game – height.