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I wanted to ask about the G5 rule of the vex iq manual which tells us that vertically the robot must measure 19 inches, however this measure can change, and that at any time the robot must have this feature my question is that measure of 19 is taken from the robot tires?

another doubt I have is that if it is legal or is allowed that when the robot is hanging can touch the ground to dunk the balls, as in the G19 tells us that while the robot is not touching the ground can only be uploaded with two balls, so my question is that if I can hang on the bar to carry the balls but the robot is always touching the ground.

At all times*, your robot must fit in an 11x19x19 box. The picture as shown does not appear to adhere to that rule. Also, assuming the chain would be drug behind the robot, that would be beyond the horizontal limit.
I do admire your willingness to stretch the boundaries of the rules, but I believe this would be a violation of {G5}.
*temporary excursions are allowed; I don’t think your solution would qualify as temporary though.


“Vertical” always means “perpendicular to the floor” and “horizontal” always means “parallel to the floor”, see this Q&A:


another questionthat I have is that if a robot hangs to put the balls in the basket but for this there is a part of the robot hanging that is a chain that NEVER stops touching the ground, clarifying that the size of the robot increases to hang so my question is that if it is worth the points that are scored in the basket.

If the robot scores points as a result of being taller than 19 inches, that is a violation of G5 which should result in a disqualification.


but look what it says in the rule G5 says that it is not mandatory to maintain the initial position with which it is in the match, also not very clear eeta in the manual as a rule contradicts another as G19 says that a robot can not hang with more than two balls if not touching the ground, then as I’m going to hang on high bar to be able to basket the balls and meet the standard

Here is the part of G5 you’re referring to:

(emphasis mine)

If the robot is taller than 19 inches, it can’t fit within an 11" x 19" x 19" rectangular prism, which is a violation of G5.

This is correct – the intent of G19 (which was not in v0.1 of the game manual, but got added in an update over the summer) was to prohibit scoring balls by hanging from the bar and dumping them. See this threads for more info:


but even so it is still a rule of the game and is valid the issue of hanging carrying the balls so that would be an adjustment that would have to do to the game because it is impossible to hang and be touching the ground to score the balls.
in addition to this to hang obviously will go beyond the established measure because it must be lengthened to reach the necessary measure.

The phrase “this expansion limit does not require that the Robot stay in the same configuration as it was when it began the Match” in G5 does not allow robots to expand to unlimited height during the match – if it did, there wouldn’t be much reason to have G5 at all.

Correct, that was the intended result of that rule change.


it is illogical because in order to be able to hang myself I must extend and the height or the measure proposed does not give me the capacity to be able to hang myself.

sorry, are you a vex iq worker?

To put it simply, it is illegal for your robot to EVER become taller than 19"(482.6mm).

As per Appendix A and the actual field, The top bar is only 16.4"(416.9mm) off the ground.
If it would be helpful to you to apply some logic towards a hanging mechanism, lets do so!

19" - 16.4" = 2.6" . . . . . . . or . . . . . . . (482.6mm - 416.9mm = 65.7mm).

By this basic subtraction, we find that there is actually a significant overlap between the alloawable maximum height of the robot and the minimum height required to reach the top bar.

You can certainly have a chain tail to the ground. You can certainly use that tail of chain to be off the ground and hold as many Balls as possible. You certainly cannot be off the ground with possession of more than 2 Balls. You certainly cannot have the robot be taller than 19"(482.6mm).

There are no rule contridictions here. But I appreciate the effort you took to look for one. If you do end up discovering one, please do let us know!


And just to add one more thing – the reason a robot like this

does not violate G5 even though its highest point is more than 19 inches above the floor, is that it’s not touching the floor. A robot’s “height” is the vertical distance from its lowest point to its highest point, not the distance from floor to highest point:

So you can still high hang, it’s just very difficult to score a bunch of balls while hanging from the bar without either (a) violating G5 by being more than 19 inches tall, or (b) violating G19 by controlling more than 2 balls without touching the floor.

(image is a still from this video)


With respect to the last thing you said I totally agree, so it is illogical to hang with many balls touching the ground without going over that measure, so it is still inclined
In addition, the height is taken from the base of the wheels to the highest point, and the steal we drive never exceeds this height.