Why would you not want the value of this to be 100% and what is it automatically set to?

You might not want this to be 100%, on a something, because 100% could break things. I think this us proportional to the speed, and is only at what is needed. (Correct me I if I am wrong)

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Not necessarily proportional to speed, depending on what you mean. In a claw for example, you might want to set a max torque to prevent the claw from overheating when it closes. The torque is limited, but the speed is zero (when it’s closed).

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I mean if your mother needs 22KN to work, it will give 22KN, not 100%. Also changing the speed changes the max available torque

Nope. The max available torque is always 100% unless you use setMaxTorque. If you program a motor to turn at a specific speed, and it can’t, it will put all its available energy into trying.

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yes, but if it only needs 20%, it will only use 20%

I think you’re getting confused. 20% speed means the motor turns at 20% speed but at 100% power.
20% power means the motor turns at 100% speed but with 20% of it’s available power.

MaxTorque means that when a motor meets a set level of resistance, it will stop trying and give up


PROS doesn’t have setMaxTorque() method on the motor, but it has set_current_limit() method that will practically limit torque, which proportional to the current in the motor.

If you know that motor could be against the greater resistance that could stall it and overheat, you could limit the current to avoid overheating and raise it again when there is no resistance.

For example, if somebody pinned you and you cannot move. You first limit current to safe low value and only restore it back after your drivetrain could move again.

Smart Motor Library had an external PID with limiting voltage to the 393 motors.

If you use V5 builtin motor PID, then setting current or torque limit is a way to protect them, because default 2.5A could overheat them very soon.

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