Should the new game be released in April or now?

Should the new game be released in April or now? Not asking VEX to release it, but just want to see what everyone thinks.

One of the best parts of vex is the constantly changing meta. I think that if they release the game too early people would have state level robots for their first comp. Also, even if the season starts early, it could be a very long time until the first comp because of a certain virus


Yep I agree, just like if tower takeover was released too early, the field in finals would have been empty in November, as opposed to January, and February. Which ends the action to the game a lot quicker

Have you seen the early comps in China and Singapore? Giving teams an extra month wouldn’t change very much in my opinion; most teams don’t build 2 bots before the first comp, unless their first comp is fairly late in the season. I would think teams would use it to practice skills or spend more time on auton to be more prepared for their first comp.


I misunderstood the question, my apologies. I take back my response.

Can we just please stop with this?

There have been dozens of threads around “please release the game” with a ton of comments. Do a search on that and look at the answers. You’ll then have your answer.

Couching this in the form of "Not asking VEX to do X, but just want to see what everyone thinks … " is just a back door to the last three weeks worth of posts around being asked ( by Dan, Dillion, Grant, dozens of mentors and dozens and dozens of roboteers) to just STOP.


  1. I 100% agree with this and this thread is not needed
  2. With that being said, OP explicitly said that they were asking the thoughts of community members on an early game release, not asking for it to be released. There is a discussion to be had about that, but I don’t think that now is the best time for it. Give it a week or two.

Fields were empty in China in the summer and fall


I think the new game should be released early. As a home team not related to any school, we should be able to level the playing field a little. A lot of teams have classes and clubs after school just for working on their robot to compete (not to mention more funding and often times more people) and if they released early our team could get a head start on the more established teams.


While I would love to be able to work on next seasons game while I have the next few weeks off of school, I think that vex releasing the game early would be, quite frankly, ridiculous. Releasing the game early would take away the extra month that the GDC and everyone associated use to make each new game the best that it could be. Therefore releasing the game early has the potential to leave holes in the rules/operation. The game elements also wouldn’t be ready yet and therefore releasing the game would be kind of pointless since you would be forced to spend all month building and programming without actually being able to test (which will end up wasting a lot of resources and materials). While it would be fun to know next years game, I think that we should spend this next month, or however long it takes for the new game to be released, taking a break from robotics if we need one, making our TT robots the best that they can be, or trying the more extravagant and far out ideas that we didn’t have time to execute during the main season.


To truly level the playing field in the way you’re meaning, they would have to only release the game to teams unassociated with schools, which just wouldn’t be realistic. The game would end up released to all teams within a few days (people talk, we’re teenagers) and the school teams would end up with just as much time as the home teams and there would still be an unfair advantage at play.

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They actually have games prepared 2-3 years in advance so that they can get the manufactured earlier. So the initial game sets are probably already in house.

But really… we don’t need the game released yet.


You do have a point there. However, i think that whether the game elements are ready or not, Covid-19 would make global distribution quite difficult. But also you’re right. We can just be patient and wait a month :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I guess you’re right but home teams can dream can’t we? :joy:
My original point was if schools are shut down no one can meet so the home team gets an advantage. But your opinion makes sense. I think we need fully formed rules this season :woman_shrugging:


I’m not sure about other schools, but I know that my school meets at home after we meet at school anyways and I kinda think that we’d end up meeting more with school being out but I get your point… here’s to hoping for a more equalized playing field this year :joy:

Maybe VEX is going to release the game early but only needs to make the video​:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


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The forum members never ceases to amaze me.


Even if schools are shut down when the game is revealed, there are still things that they can do. They can discuss robot designs, CAD the robot, and even stay on the forums and see what other people are thinking about. Sure, they probably won’t be able to build it immediately, but that shouldn’t deter them from working on their robot.


vex has the game done due to production legalistic. along with most likely having a video all ready made and produced.

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Worlds was cancelled because of corona, not because people asked. The game will be released if corona is the problem, not because ppl asked