Should V5 motors have any holding power when disabled?

When the field controller has commanded the robot to be disabled, should there still be motor force applied? I’m not referring to the friction of an powered motor, but the motor holding it’s position as if a stop with hold had been applied.

Example: The robot program is started without being connected to the field, and the controller is used to close a gripper on a game element, which is then command to hold position. The controller is then plugged into the field and ‘disabled’, but the motor remains powered.

I was under the impression that this should not be possible, and the V5 brain would disable the motors regardless of the program commands.

Or, is the program just being written in a way that bypasses the field control?

no. Field control disables everything.

We would need to see the code, it sounds like they are not using the right “template” to be under field control. At inspection they are going to plug your robot into the portable field control and make you try to drive and then see if does the disable.

When the match (Auto or driver) starts, motors are enabled, at match end, they are disabled. In the pre Auton, only sensors can be started / read.

The motors are stopped and cannot be controlled, but they do retain the brake mode that was last sent. Not sure if we consider that a bug or feature, perhaps I’ll change it.


Wow. If there is a hang in a future game, that would really come in handy!


I can’t believe I didn’t know that. I will definitely use that as a “feature.”


Disagree, I would definitely call this a bug.

Disabled should be disabled, what’s to keep teams from using this to keep robots in a certain position during the start of the match? It kind of defeats the purpose of disabled IMHO.


I would ask the GDC about this - I think some teams might use this feature to hold their robot in shape - something legacy robots can not do.


My thoughts exactly.

That’s a pretty cool feature! I agree in a hanging game (my first was Hanging A Round) rather than building gears that would not let the robot fall we could use the brake function. Once the brain is power off the motors would release and things would be able to get pulled down.


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