Side intake (side grab)

Hey guys, does anyone have an idea of a pneumatic side intake design, we are trying to put 2 pneumatic side grabs at the 2 side of our robot but we literally have no idea about it, any photo or cad would be super helpful for us to learn from, hope we could get some help about it​:muscle::muscle::muscle:

I would do something similar to what AMOGO did, but instead of with a motor it could be done with a pneumatic piston. You could also do wings that are like what you asked @Sylvie for recently.


Thanks, I saw Taran’s design, it’s super awesome but it’s a little too complicated for us to make something like that on the robot we have now, we already used 8 motors for the conveyor and lifts, so all we have now is 2 pneumatics for the 2 side grabs, but we don’t have any idea of how to do that

Do you have an idea of how to use a piston for the side grab, we are trying to make something simple in limited space

I would definitely suggest doing some research there are tons of designs on the forums and in robot reveals that have things that would fit your needs. Remember people aren’t here to design your robot.


I know, just trying to look at some pics and cads as some good examples, we will definitely design original side grabs, just trying to get some inspiration from other designs. ( I couldn’t find any examples of pneumatic side grabs rn)

There are a decent amount of videos on youtube explaining how people have built theirs and how it works.

EX:VEX Tipping Point: Wings - Team 56003X - YouTube

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Well are you saying a goal grabber or an intake? You’re saying both. If it’s a goal grabber it’s definitely easier to do than an intake, though I guess you could do a piston powered intake… it’d just be very weird. You may not like it. I can think of one way to do it with intakes maybe, just remember you can use gears.

@Elon Hope this helps. Sorry about the quality, I whipped it up pretty fast on google drawings. Make sure to move the solenoid close to the cylinder to preserve your air pressure. If you are using up too much air and the mechanism becomes weak, you cantry using some rubber bands to help it hold.

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Thank you so much, I get what you mean. You are awesome

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