SIGBots Wiki Dev Blog (Fall 2021, Article Revamps + New Features)

Dear VEX Community,

Hey everybody, it’s been a good amount of time since our last post! We’ve been heads down on boarding new members who have been busy at work on their own projects. Thus, we’ve dedicated this blog post to talking about what they have been working on as well who they are, as well as the new projects that have been added to the SIGBots Wiki.

SIGBots Wiki Member Bio - Jacob Zawacki (@Zawackiest )

Hello, I’m Jacob Zawacki! I am a Marketing major at Purdue, shockingly enough, as I could not enjoy engineering any more than as a hobby. I have been competing in VEX for the past five years as 95E, before going independent as 94999E for my final season. Outside of VEX, I enjoy creative writing and playing board games, and I hope to start designing a small weight class combat robot if I can find the time.

Regarding my work up to this point on the SIGBots Wiki, I am responsible for the “Getting Started with VEX” section that has been published recently. This project has been in the works since my final year of high school, with the aim being to provide a lot of the fundamental information, often used in more advanced concepts, that is not easily accessible in many other places. In addition to the “Getting Started with VEX” thread, I have also revamped the intakes article, providing more information and examples of different intake variations.

Check out their work here:

SIGBots Wiki Member Bio - Seb Wheeler (@sebwheel)

Hey everyone, I’m Seb, and I’m currently a first-year engineering major at Purdue hoping to somehow make aeronautical and astronautical engineering. Though I’ve always loved working with robots, I’ve never had a chance to join a VRC team before SIGBots so this will actually be my first year in VEX. Besides VEX, I enjoy reading, photography, and playing the cello.

So far on the SIGBots Wiki, my responsibility has been revising the potentiometer article and updating it with information about the new potentiometer. I have some experience in copyediting, so part of my role going forward is going to involve revising and reformatting old articles.

Check out their work here:

SIGBots Wiki Member Bio - Josh Weber (@DeadlyBanana)

Hello! I’m Josh Weber, and I’m a sophomore at Purdue, double majoring in mechanical engineering technology and robotics engineering technology. Tipping Point will be my 7th year in VEX, as I competed in high school under the 99904 organization, and my previous year on BLRS. I enjoy scuba diving and playing video games when I’m not working on robots, which quite frankly uses a majority of my free time these days.

As I am heavily involved in the competition team of BLRS, most of my work on the wiki is limited to maintaining and updating mechanical articles, to keep them looking fresh and easy to understand. Some of the things I’ve worked on include overhauling the catapult article, as well as some polishing on the VEX joints article.

Check out their work here:

SIGBots Wiki Member Bio - Max Johnson (@Max_Johnson03)

Hello, I’m Max Johnson. I am an Engineering Major at Purdue (Planning on Aero or Mechanical). I have been competing in Vex for the past 8 years, most recently under the team name 91A before joining Purdue as a member of BLRS. Outside of VEX, I enjoy doing small creative design projects including wood working, 3D printing, and electronics work. I am also big into the outdoors where I love hiking, canoeing, and hammocking.

To this point on the SIGBots Wiki, I have made contributions to a few articles before joining BLRS (You should too) including the flywheel article (this is the biggest that I did but there are a few more). The biggest thing I have done on the SIGBots Wiki is adding the Remembering The Best section to the Vex CAD section of the Wiki. I am a content contributor to the Vex CAD project and wanted to get RTB hosted in the same spot. I will continue working through different articles as well.

Check out their work here:

Other Announcements

Another major change that we’ve had since our last announcement, is our partnership with the VEX Cad project. The SIGBots wiki is now officially the host site for their CAD tutorials, download links, and change logs.

As always, we’re continually looking for more contributors and people to help out. It’s always an ongoing project to create resources for teams that need them, and whether you have ideas or want to contribute articles yourself we will gladly accept any help we can get. Gitbook recently updated with a more comprehensive permission system so we now are considering the possibility of getting people to use our in browser editor.

We thank you for your patronage,

  • The Purdue SIGBots Wiki Development Team

P.S. We have another announcement coming out soon regarding ESD boards… stay tuned :).


This looks amazing!!!
On another note…
I am always trying to figure out Pure Pursuit and Motion Profiling, but it’s hard to wrap my head around how to code it. Do you have any good resources for them?

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These changes look nice!
What’s the progress on the designing a drive in Fusion 360 article? I’d kind of like to see how other people use fusion 360, and if I’m really using “best practices”.


I am working on something for pure pursuit (and some other stuff) in the background and plan to release it to the community in the future. My hope is to work with the BLRS people to see if my work is compatible with the wiki. I briefly mentioned that to them at the beginning of the season, but since my work is still in its early stages we haven’t discussed much. At the meantime, there are plenty pure pursuit resources from the FRC commuity if you search on internet.


That would be under VEX Cad’s section, more of a question for Jess.


(posting this publicly so it doesn’t look like I’m ghosting her)

Looking forward to working with ya once you feel as if your work is ready :slight_smile: .


It’s up! (Basic Pure Pursuit - BLRS Wiki)


Basic Pure Pursuit - BLRS Wiki :eyes:


Thank you so much!
What a blessing of a wiki :clap:

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