Situation regarding Coronavirus and States

Hey, so I’m competing in Oregon States, which are this weekend, and I just found out like an hour ago that the governor of Oregon just banned meetings of more than 250 people. I am wondering if and how this will affect state. Please respond soon.


Team 1965Y from Illinois here. Our state competition just got cancelled because of the coronavirus. Not just Illinois, but other states have already cancelled their state competition, such as California.

Basically, based off of what is happening to other states, I would say that there is a good chance that your state competition gets cancelled.


What does this mean for worlds? Because if they push out a law there then no more than 250 people can enter that building basically canceling the worlds comp. Not only that but schools there are starting to close because of that so its getting close to us.

I really hope not because I really think we have a chance of making it. And we don’t have a high skills score.

I am a coach in California. Our governor issued a very similar statement last night as well. A few hours ago those of us who had been planning on competing at Los Angeles this weekend got an email from the EP letting us know that the competition was cancelled due to the governor’s announcement. She also mentioned that we would be getting an official email from RECF about the cancellation sometime today, but as of yet it has not come. I hate to say it but I think it’s likely that your EP is just letting RECF be the bearer of the bad news, and that you might get an email later today. I hope you don’t. I know how sad my team is and I don’t wish that on anyone.


Oregon State Championships for VRC has been canceled.


I heard we would get an email around noon PST. I really do hope it isn’t cancelled, as I am really excited to go to state.

Well RIP my first worlds qualification…

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I agree.
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I really do feel crushed right now because I’m still coping with the whole situation. If it does get canceled, I won’t recover until, like, the new game announcement. Which, by the way, would be really weird because it wouldn’t be broadcast from worlds, as the whole 250 person thing says.


Yes, your feelings are real. You are going through the seven stages of grief:


Do some research about the stages and how to get past your grief… All you kids have had a huge part of your childhood expience taken away by this virus. It’s OK to mourn.

EDITTED: Any kids feeling ovewhelmed by their sadness over this situation - please talk to a trusted adult in your life. You do not need to bear this sadness alone. Your feelings are validated.



Seems to be thee continual internal discussion :slight_smile:

[ Please heed Gear Geeks advice, if the situation is overwhelming, find a trusted adult and talk it through… I understand there is a lot of pain and confusion. ]


California Middle School State in Bakersfield has been cancelled… crushed


Sorry to hear that - we will all work through this together.

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I just talked to my team, and State is cancelled. I am currently going through denial, and I don’t know if I’m going to overcome it.


Do you guys know if other state’s comps won’t get canceled? I’m just wondering because I know some people across the country in vex that really deserve to get to Worlds.

It is though when we have been working since Tower Take Over was announced in April to build a quality robot. I feel your pain @JustALonelyAstronaut this was my last year competing too

This isn’t my last year, I just had a really good chance of making it, and now I’m gonna have to wait till next year. It just sucked everything out of me, and I think my depression might relapse, which is gonna suck even more.

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Hang in there! I am sorry. Make sure your mentor puts your team on the Worlds wait list just in case things shape up for the best.

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Ok, will do. Thank you so much.