[SpamBot Losing Real-Time Turing Test]: Ada programming for VEX V5

Can the Ada programming language be used on the VEX V5? It is available on LEGO Mindstorm and Raspberry Pi 3 and is an excellent language for developing autonomous VEX robots…

Ada is a pretty weird language to want to use. It is pretty much entirely dead except for a few military contractors using decade old equipment.

And no it isn’t supported. There might be complicated build processes you could design yourself that could get you what you want, but it would be non trivial.

@tabor473 our OP friend seems to be a hybrid automated sp’am’ming system, where the scripts conduct forum registration and initial posting and the humans may be involved in reviewing replies and correcting responses after the first post.

It keeps posting the links to the paywalled e-books with VEX sounding descriptions.

I was trying to do a test named after the famous British scientist with the first name Alan, but @DRow keeps deleting the topics faster then our :robot: friend could respond :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear OP if you tell me the last name of the said scientist I will not click the :white_flag: button.


The name of the scientist was Turing!

Ada is being used on the Space Station…

Wow, ADA, I haven’t used that since I worked on a government project decades ago.

I wouldn’t see programming robots with it, there is too much syntax baggage that it brings along with it.

RoboCobol anyone?

Now Lua could be fun since it has a smaller syntax base.

Well done, @GalaxyGhost !

Would you like to answer a few trivia questions that have deep vex forum context?

Because, I really enjoy talking to you.

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Ada has tasks very similar to Robot C. It is a system programming language that can call routines in various languages including C, and C++…

@GalaxyGhost do you know what type of game everybody is waiting for every April, but never seem to get?

In the Ada programming language context, of course.

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I am sorry but I am not much into gamming. So I don’t know the answer to your question.

@technik3k and @GalaxyGhost can you move this to a PM please?

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Not a problem @GalaxyGhost, but you seem to be very knowledgeable about VEX EDR and VRC.

Do you know what type of safety equipment is recommended for every student participating in VRC competitions?

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Goggles, gloves, etc. are the safety equipment required!

Please? There isn’t initiation to VEX.

Sorry, @gilmorkn472, you are right.
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@gilmorkn472 I’m having way too much fun watching this unfold.

Apparently, this guy has had 20 years of experience in programming. He should really improve his CSS, though, if his website looks like this.


My guess is it’s a bot similar to how some people have twitter bots that will tweet for them, but a real user controls things. Similar to how youtubers can autotweet new videos.

IMO, @technik3k just had G.G. self reveal that it is a spamming bot or the Evil Empire of discussion forums. I appreciate his cleverness. You might be the same as well if you do not know the answer. JK


I don’t see why we have to move this to a PM, since I started this thread and it is ok by my if technik3k wants to respond…

Just for clutter. It’s more of a personal conversation between you two not related to the original topic.