Speed up Scoring - Change Endgame Rules

After attending the Galveston Signature event this past weekend.
The scoring process for endgame is too slow.

Possible ideas to accelerate the process.

  1. Limit to two projectiles per robot
  2. Limit the length of string used on a robot

Any other rule modifications that could help speed up the scoring process ?


as these modifications would greatly increase scoring speed, this would greatly decrease possibility of extreme domination from teams that take their time developing endgame cough cough 67101c old endgame cough cough thus decreasing major score differences, it’s very possible that late season robots will be able to fill up the basket (both teams consistently) and fight for rollers, but this could lead to extremely tight games. endgame domination is kinda key, so limiting this to also be equal scoring possibilities would be counter intuitive


Compare the livestream of Galveston to Haunted. Haunted kept a much tighter schedule and had just as many robots with string projectiles.


While there are cases where scoring speed can be overcome with a top-notch volunteer crew (Haunted Signature event). The average event around the world will be slow to score (similar to Galveston Signature event).

The scoring process needs to accelerate to make events run smoother across the world.

I’ve done match cycle time analysis in a previous thread. Currently (in minutes):

Spin Up:
min 2.300000
mean 6.226671
max 15.280000
std 2.175427

Tipping Point:
min 1.311148
mean 5.495641
max 21.316667
std 2.145232

So match cycle times, on average, are maybe 45 seconds longer than last year, not anything that I would consider requiring of a rules change to reduce cycle time.


Read through this thread.

There isn’t any effective way to bad endgame projectile and it is too late in the season.


Head Referee from Galveston here.

Wow, running events is a lot harder than it looks. After years and years of competition it seems I owe a great deal of volunteer hours to the community :blush:.

I am generally satisfied with the individual experience teams received at the Galveston Signature as far as match calls, replays for field faults, and getting all their promised matches.

As far as time management goes, I have a lot to learn. We did well in Qualifiers, but due to the level of elimination matches, we (Head Referees) chose to count the endgame ourselves at times to ensure the highest accuracy. A few factors involved with this were a lack of volunteers the first day, less time to train the volunteers than was ideal (as we ran around dealing with inspections and field faults), and just a lot of stress from running our first signature event as alumni.

In general, I would not advocate for any rule changes at this point in the season. I ask teams politely and firmly to please use colored string to make things easier for us. The faster your event runs, the more time there is to discuss close calls and issue rematches for broken fields and white screens.

My volunteers live and breath robotics, so the easier you make it for them, the more they can do for you.


For us, the most efficient process is for the primary ref to count field tiles while the scorekeepers score the discs and cylinders. We usually finished at the same time.

If the teams are on time, we are able to beat a five minute cycle time using two fields, and six minutes with a single field.

If your event has a number of new teams, you may want to schedule the first two rounds at a slower pace. Then increase it for the remainder as everyone becomes comfortable with the process.


FWIW, 45 sec a match adds up to 1 hour for an 80-match day.

Another point to make is that that is the average for Tip and Spin up. Many tournaments this year have been a regions first tournament, meaning new teams and unexpected delays. Tip also has the benefit of worlds lowering averages with 1000s of matches played at a very fast cycle time. Would be curious to see if you could get TiP cycle times from only comps up until mid November.


Another problem that would arise with this suggestion would be skills scores. If a team had a high score with a bunch of string projectiles shooting out, what would they do to their score after these limitations are put out? Would they delete them?

Solving the string endgame while keeping everyone pleased will be practically impossible, but when has VEX cared about pleasing everyone?

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Thru 11/16/2021 cycle times for Tipping Point were:


min 2.631798
mean 6.407724
max 19.023333
std 2.595584

So, to @9MotorGang 's point, matches for Spin Up are actually running faster, on average, than they were for Tipping Point at this point in the year.