Spin Up Game Strategies

I’ve looked around but haven’t seen a topic that discusses general strategies for the game this year, so here we go!
What strategies have y’all used or seen used to great effect in competition matches or in skills?
This can be anything from driving strategies to observations on when to take certain actions, or the best routes for quick scoring. Anything that has to do with strategy, and it’s good.

Some pretty good auton routes have been made, such as getting a roller, shooting your preloads, getting 3 more disks, and shooting those as well (credit goes to 1469A): VEX Spin Up Roller Start Autonomous Routine - 1469A - YouTube

Even some solo AWP autons have been made which are very impressive (credit goes to 7368C): 7368C VEX VRC SPIN UP - Solo AWP Auton - YouTube

This years autonomous is fairly straightforward if you have a consistent shooter mechanism, and is compatible with other teams pretty easily.


There’s already a pretty similar, well established and long thread called Sooo, SPIN UP META IS?


That thread mostly focuses on hardware and design, I was going more for gameplay here. It doesn’t seem like many people are posting here though, so I’ll just let it die or get locked

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