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We are building an intake and are trying to decide what to do next. We currently have a 1 motor 200 rpm intake. it is not fast enough and we need it to be faster. We are not using a 1 speed motor because it did not have enough torque. Should we use 2 600 rpm motors or 2 200 RPM motors?

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Hey I think I can help a bit I do not know what your intake system looks like but maybe a gear ratio will help if you do not have one here is a gear ratio that is made for speed
motor with the axel here. Small gear on top like this
Big gear on bottom like this. another axel connecting to your intake.

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Thank You! We are trying not to use gear ratios for 2 reasons.

  • If we gear for the speed we need (600 rpm) it doesn’t have enough torque. We think 2 motor will have enough torque so it doesn’t get stuck
    *If we gear for torque it will be slower than it already is

Also he is a picture.


A single 600RPM motor intake should be able to pick up discs. Our team tried both 200 and 600 rpm for our single motor intake and have not experienced any issues. You may have a mechanical issue. Maybe there’s too much friction somewhere? Or space where discs go in is too tight? Are your bottom Flex wheels making enough contact with the discs to pull them in?

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We gave it enough space but we are using metal plates so that might be a problem. Should we use 2 motors then?

Does your intake move up and down freely? Or is it fixed in position? Your intake should be able to move up and down freely since the disc needs space to change directions from being flat to angled when going into and up your intake. If your intake is fixed with no ability to spring up and down then the disc is fighting your robot trying to go up.

I noticed you have rubber bands tied to the shaft for the bottom flex whneels to the standoffs. I can’t tell if you’re using them as a spring mechanism to keep your intake in proper contact with the discs while allowing your intake to spring up and down. But from what I can see it looks like your intake is in a fixed position and doesn’t springs up and down.

There are some great posts here on intakes, but I don’t have time to search through all of them. A great post recently by Vex recently on substitutes for Flex wheel intakes has videos showing the intakes in action and springing up and down as they take in the discs. Flex Wheels Updates From VEX

Our intake does have a floating intake to help it spring up and down. The rubber bands help it keep contact with the disc as it moves up. The problem we have is it gets stuck on the last top set of wheels as well as not being fast enough.

Ah, I didn’t even see the disc in the intake from your picture. :). Is the distance between the middle and top set of wheels sufficient for the top wheels to grab and pull the disc forward? Looks like you’re already gearing the top set of wheels for a faster rpm. Could you maybe post a video of the intake operating to help us see the behavior?

The distance we used works and the disc gets up there. However it is neither fast enough or has enough torque. I will send you a video later.

If the flex wheels are moving but the disc isn’t you don’t have enough traction, if neither is moving then you have a torque problem. I would recommend making sure you’re not putting too much compression on the disc. Also making your bottom section more gradual could help.

Thanks! We checked the compression and for some reason the top wheels are getting stuck but the middle wheels are not. The only difference is the top has 1 more wheel so we will fix it after our competition tomorrow.

After investigating a little (aka almost tripping on the robot) I noticed that the reason the disc is getting stuck on the intake is at when the plates bend at the top they arc up a little bit making it to tight and the disc gets stuck. Will fix after the comp.

Ty for all the help!

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