Spin Up predictions?

I agree with mr Bobby of Jamaica we are in the same club and have talked about this a lot And we think that is probably the case because in the teaser there were 3 towers 2 shorter and one taller. We think they will rotate because of the name and we feel that there will be a fly wheel involved to shoot balls into the towers because there has not been a flywheel in a few years


I agree, I’m hoping with the extra emphasis of the blue and red (especially with the towers flashing) it will be super alliance/teamwork based. Like maybe the merry go round will be red on one side and blue on the other and it’s up to the teams to get the elements on the right side or something.

Spin? Up?

How about a screw that you have to Spin? Up?

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What about towers divided into a red half and a blue half, with openings near the top to shoot balls into (and another near the middle), and you can rotate the tower from the bottom to make the side with your color face you.

Maybe the tower can be red/blue with a clear panel so you can see how many balls are in it. (One aspect of this idea is that there would be no descoring, since it would be hard to get the balls out of the tower design I’m thinking of without turning it over.)

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Vacuum bot? I will put a 3 pneumatic, one motor bounty on a vacuum bot

Please reference this meme:


no, no, no, no, no, no

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That’s actually a good guess, it just seems like its (slightly) similar to Change Up.

Here’s my preds:

  1. As several others have predicted already, frisbees. Probably not that exactly, more likely flying-saucer shaped objects, but something circular.

  2. A diagonal field with large net goals in the corners in which to score the frisbees. The diagonal field would make it easier to incorporate the nets. Goodness knows we could do with some easy-to-assemble field elements after those platforms.

  3. At least one scoring “bin” for lack of a better term. This bin can be scored and de-scored by either team. Each bin that a team controls at the end of the match is worth a certain bonus. Think Tower Takeover goals. These should be hotly contested at the end of a match.

  4. Risers in the corners to make goals harder to access, as seen in In The Zone. Teams would have to choose between getting close to score goals and attempting to score from range.

I realize everything I have predicted is in some way derived from a past game. I just think this would be a really fun game to play.






My personal theory is some sort of flagpole with a rope that you have to raise, although that would be tough for middle school teams. Honestly though it’s probably just going to be another launching game with frisbees, balls, or some other projectile. Hopefully Vex was creative though and made a good game.

If it was JUST that, it would not be that expensive. I go with the people saying that there is moving stuff

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it’s only $50 more, the full field kit is usually $500, our team isn’t thinking much of it

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Price has nothing to do with the cost of creating all the game elements. The $50 increase is just an inflation increase,. The $500 price is simply set by the amount that a team would be willing to pay for a set of game elements, simply called a price point. EPS get some discount off of that price as well. Vex robotics is making little if no profit on the game elements, because it is such a small quantity that they produce. In fact it might even be a “loss leader” for them, that is, they lose money on the game elements in exchange for creating a competition format to inspire students in STEM, beyond the educational market for robotics.


I think it will be like a modified change up.

Like a tuned up change up

I hope to see another ball game. Spin up your flywheels, please :slight_smile:


I was thinking something like a large tower with a spiral sloped ramp that you have to push balls to the top of. The tower could be on a large baring which is what other people were talking about. So if this were real then you could have a break for the robot, and then have a motor which spins the tower while an arm guides the ball up the ramp.

What do yall think.


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This might be a little complicated for a vex game