Starstruck Lift Gear Ratio

We are currently building a light-weight reverse dumping clawbot, and have 6 motors (torque) with 1:5 gear ratio powering the arm, as well as many elastics assisting the lift. I think changing to high speed motors would get into the far zone more consistently and make our bot faster, but some of my team disagrees, with the rationale that it would not have enough torque to lift 6-7 stars or 1 cube/3 stars and high-hang (these are our ideal goals). Since we may not have enough time to test both before our next competition, have any of you had success with 6 motor 1:5 torque/1:5 speed for reverse dumping? Which one did you guys prefer?

If you are 180 hanging, I advise against moving to speed. Our last bot (with 8 speed motors at 1:5 with many elastics) did have tonnes of torque, but could just hardly hang with zero elastics whatsoever. Taking that down to 6 motors would be… a challenge.

I look to Cam’s bot for reference.

I would recommend keeping the 1:5 ratio and add more rubber bands or latex tubing to increase elasticity and while maintaining a strong lift.

You can either be good at skills or the competition. Having a 1:5 with elastics will make you better in the competition. I have been lead to believe that hanging is worthless unless it takes less than 2 secs. Any pretty good robot in Texas can throw 3 stars from far to far zone in 5 secs. this makes a difference of 12 points. So consider this when doing you gearing.

Check your build quality or cut some more weight. Our robot has enough power to hang with 6 1:5 motors.

Still just gonna look at Cam’s robot here…