Starting with VSCode

Hey guys, so I’ve been using robotc for a while, and this year I’m trying to use VSCode. I think I got the right add ons for it, but how do you download the program to the robot?

are you using vexcode or rmbuild with VSCode? if not you’ll need to set that up. What I mean is that there is not a way to directly download to the robot with only VSCode, as it’s just an ide, which won’t necessarily compile your code for your robot.

where can I find a download for either rmbuild or vexcode?

RMbuild is here:

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rmbuild tool:

rmbuild is a command line tool. There is a user guide that can walk you through how to use it, along with the commands.

vexcode: VEXcode Preview

vexcode is something you can just download and install. It uses the same platform as vscode, but ive never used it so I don’t have much to say.

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make sure you get preview 3.