STEP files missing for certain vex iq parts

Does anyone have the step files for part 228-2500-1258? (Quad 2x Wide, 2x2 Corner connector). They are not included in the cad vex provides.

I think no one will have this, every STEP file should be on Vex site.

Slice 1253 down the middle such that you can delete the side with the scooped out face, then mirror it. Bingo. I think.

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If anyone else needs the part, here it is.
It involved a bit more work than just mirroring the section. I also had to change the top cutouts as on the original part, they were offset slightly from the centre of the part

There is also another way to get the part but the quality is far less.
You get the pitching in field cad from this post:
2021-2022 VEX IQ Challenge: Pitching In

…and then you take out that part.
However, the quality looks really poor (atleast for me on onshape), so that may not be a good option for you


Here’s what Fusion 360 exports as a step file from the field cad you’ve linked to. It’s just the part you need, I forgot to rename the file 228-7053-120 (735.2 KB) If the quality is poor as you describe from onshape, I can delete the attachment so folk aren’t distracted.
I messed up the naming. Let me know if it’s worth fixing or deleting.

It’s good, but the connectors look very strange compared to other ones
Connector on your part:

Connectors on standard parts:

Is that meant to happen?

Oh that’s interesting. Maybe there are multiple generations of parts that we’re not aware of. Over to someone else who knows, I guess!..

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You guys could have just saved yourself some trouble and asked me. :slightly_smiling_face:

228-2500-1258.STEP (7.3 MB)


Have you got simplified cad parts libraries? If you haven’t, do you want mine? I did v5 and iq plus the fields for my lot. They save a lot of space and rendering effort. Electronics are all watertight single solids, and parts are as blank as possible while still retaining fixing points. I feel I shouldn’t release them as if I’m confident new users won’t get confused. I need some expert input.

This part also has different looking connectors. Is that intentional.

I’m looking for the CAD files for Gen 2 Control System components -

  1. Robot Brain and battery
  2. Robot Controller
  3. Distance Sensor
  4. Optical Sensor
  5. Corner Connectors from the new Corner Beam Pack
  6. Hybrid Gears from the new Hybrid Gear Pack
  7. Components from the Rubber Tread and Balloon Tires Pack
  8. Components from the Winch and Rope Pack
  9. Components from the Linear Motion Pack
  10. Specialized parts in the Gen 2 Competition Kits

@DRow since you were able to Superman in previously in this thread with files, are you able to provide these as well?