Stupidest thing you've done in VEX


Let’s start a thread celebrating the stupidity of ourselves.
This thread is not to pick on others about what they have done, merely just for humor.

I’ll start. Yesterday I spent 5 minutes trying to put a nut on a screw before I realized that I was turning the screw the wrong way.
I then proceeded to do it again later on…



When I was a rookie, I wondered why the gold screw would not fit in the standoffs.



Someone in my team once filled a motor screw hole with the wrong loctite, the stuff that you need explosives to get off, and then put a screw in it.
Had to angle grind off screw . The screw lost



Oh god, so many moments… I’ll have to make a list later

Idk if I can put one over all of the others



Either deciding to rebuild the week before states rookie year or putting the 35 pound steel cube (with unfolding ramp) on the top shelf in the storage closet. It wasn’t my robot, it was my sister team’s. They had a fun time getting it down.



Oh, boy, that’s going to be a long list for me. I have to say that my dumbest mistake was gearing motors 7:1 together on a flywheel at the beginning of this season. I also built an intake to score into the low goal, but the top of the intake was about an inch too low to make it over the bar.



Easily the stupidest thing I’ve done is from my rookie year when I built a two motor tank drive. And when I say tank drive I mean using the tank treads so it looked like an actual tank. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t drive for very long. That thing would’ve overheated with four motors.



Currently our stupidest mistake is doing a rebuild just before worlds
With only half a week of school left to build it’s cutting it fine

Programming and cabling I can just take it home and do it

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I don’t know how stupid this is, but we like to fill up the ends of screwdrivers with washers (and wonder where all of our washers went, but that’s beside the point). We stand them up without the ends on. After a few hours one of us forgets it’s filled with washers and picks it up. Fun :slight_smile:



Stripping the screw on the back of a motor with stripped gears.

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Putting on the motors for the drive train backwards
And then taking them off to put them on the wrong side
And then taking them off to put them on the wrong place
And then taking them off to put them in the same place again
…It’s happened so many times.



Before putting clear zip ties on my Toss Up robot, I accidentally cut a motor wire in a tight space thinking it was a black zip tie.



Putting a 35 pound robot on a 2 motor 1:1 4inch Wheel Drive and never really testing it before the competition. That was a bad day lol

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I once used a 4 motor, 4", turbo drive for a 20 pound bot. And we wondered why our drive kept overheating…



I tried to make a scissor lift geared 1:1 with 3 wire servos



I went a whole competition where every match me and my teammates forgot to plug our power expander in for our launcher. +1 To that comment about having to grind off screws because of the wrong loctight.



I have accidentally cut a wire going for zip ties as well.



Realize you screwed something into the wrong holes/backwards, take it off, then absentmindedly proceed to reattach it in the exact same place, repeat . . .



At the beginning of the season one of our teams used a joystick to slowly speed up the motors to test out their flywheel. Whey they finished with the test the student dumped it into reverse and parts exploded out of the robot. It was a good lesson in inertia.



I’m not gonna mention any teams specifically, but in last year season, i put way too much faith in other teams ability to do skyrises. Other that that, is just the usual:

Forgetting to plug in the battery

Forgetting to plug in the cortex

Not putting the clips in for the sensor side of my cortex

Building a scissor lift based in those turntable things

Overtightened collars then stepping therm

Buying a bunch of the shortest 832 screws

Not drinking enough water during a completion

Not bringing a pump to world’s last year

Also, that point in robotc when you compile and it gets you to save, but you don’t know what it’s trying to get you to save so you call it the same name as the file your working on and it overrides it and you lose all your code.