Team 240P Late Season Reveal: "High Quality"

Team 240P are proud to present our third robot “High Quality”


  • 8m 5:3 Speed 3.25" Drive
  • 2m 15:1 Speed Flywheel
  • 1m 1:1 Torque Cap Flipper
  • 1m 640RPM Intake

For our third robot, we decided to focus on building an evolution of Medium Quality. This was mainly a new robot purely focused on shooting flags and flipping caps. We came to the conclusion that switching to flywheel was the best option due to the versatility of it, we hope you agree with us after seeing some of what we can do in this reveal :slight_smile: . One of the major changes for this robot was switching to a far more powerful 8m drive to help us do what we love, constantly play hard defense on our opponents. High Quality will be competing at the NZ National Championships this weekend, so if you’re interested you can tune in to the stream and watch us lose in RO16. If we qualify for Worlds, our next robot will be called “lossless” (Lossless is a perfect reconstruction of compressed data, so is the maximum quality

Also, we would say flywheel gang, but each launcher is a flower and they’re all beautiful in their own way <3. Don’t be an absolute walnut and rebuild your launcher 2 weeks before a comp because everyone else says that another launcher is “the meta”.



Don’t be an absolute walnut and rebuild your launcher 2 weeks before a comp because everyone else says that another launcher is “the meta”.

YES. I absolutely love your reveal and am super honored to have seen HQ in person. Can’t wait for Lossless!

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Wow. The way that you guys use the flipper to allow the balls into the flywheel is so cool! Good luck during your competitions (although Im sure you guys wont need it).

I didn’t really think flywheels would be useful…

and then I saw this.:grin:

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Love the robot. I didn’t realize it was on the cortex system until I did a double take. Beautiful adaptation of our new years rebuild:

Multi-purposing the cap flipper is the way to go. :smile: I’ll definitely be on the stream to watch your performance.

If your National Champs, and our states go well I hope I can see your next interation in lossless quality :wink:


Your double shot is so quick! Great job!

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I’m pretty sure the members of 240P possess the biggest brains on the planet.


WOW! This robot is proof for why I believe flywheels are the best. Good luck at nationals.

I do have a question about your flywheel’s velocity control, if you don’t mind sharing. How do you accurately control the flywheel’s speed? We’re using a PID loop, but that isn’t getting us accurate results.

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That is a ridiculously good robot. Imagine that robot and @Connor teaming up.


Great robot the intake is ingenious. What angle do you guys shoot at? Thanks

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It’s cortex, but It’s winning worlds.

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I just want a cortex to win worlds so that we can prove that cortex still beats V5. Love the double shot. Incredible robot. #Seriouslyyoucansendourv5NOW


The only reason they are using cortex to my knowledge is because of the NZ V5 Ban for nationaslthis weekend. I am sure they will be seitcching to V5 very shortly after nationals dependent on parts.


Actually, as one of the first people to have seen this robot in person, I can confirm that this robot has been in the works since early November. The robot has been up working beautifully since mid December when I visited, and most definitely isn’t an adaptation of your new year’s robot; the video you linked was published in January.


Thank you very much for your kind words.

We use bang bang control, where our hold power is defined as the target RPM target multiplied by a constant. To correct for variation from battery voltage, and to increase accuracy, when the bang bang control is within 100RPM of target, very gentle PI control is added to the output, which is reset when the RPM error goes above or below 100.

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I absolutely love the way you combined the indexer function with the cap manipulator!

And doubleshot seems so effortless. Very well done!

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So aside from the amazing driving and really well tuned robot, the use of lexan stands out to me. Ya’ll are giving 6007 a run for their money :stuck_out_tongue: The double shot is pretty nutty as well.

And I’m honored to see an adaption of my winchdexer from early season. Your version is so much cleaner with the lexan pullbar.

I didn’t think MQ was beatable, but HQ looks better than most v5 robots. I can’t wait to see what Lossless is gonna look like. Gl at nats!

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This robot is an incredible feat of engineering. Well done!

I love the launcher! It looks really solid at shooting!

Question: Are you guys going to build another with V5s? maybe call it Top Quality or Ultra High Quality?

@Electrobotz, what’s a PID loop? This is my first year in VEX so I’m trying to gain knowledge.