Team 240P Late Season Reveal: "High Quality"

“Lossless” is what they’ll call it.

I’m sorry I didn’t quite understand. What is lossless?

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Well, the fully flushed out skills run was recorded right before the new year. We chose to share it only after the new year. (See full video description). However, I don’t mean to take away from the absolute genius of this robot. I’m even more impressed now that you tell me how early they had this design. Really looking forward to more from 240P!

It’s a way of compressing an image file where you save the original image without losing any information. Lossless compression can yield very high resolution images if the original image was high enough resolution. The joke is the team number is 240 (which is a common resolution of images and videos) so they keep increasing the resolution of their robots as the season goes on.

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@Anomaly, thank you! However I’m still confused on what PID is.

I would suggest reading through this article to understand what PID is.

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A method of using sensor values to assign motor values automatically, called “Proportional Control”. The further away the sensor is from where you want it to be (like the lower an arm is when you want it at the top), the higher the motor will run. The closer it is, the lower the motor value needs to be to get it there. There is a lot to learn about PIDs to understand why they are so important in many applications.

Thank you @AperatureLabs and @Mystical_Pie! Also as @Lachlan240P says,

What is bang band control and hold power?

A holding power is a small amount of power applied to the motor to keep it from naturally moving or slowing down (it counters the force of gravity or friction)
On a lift you might use a holding power to keep the lift from dropping when you let go of the joystick.
On their flywheel the holding power is used to keep the flywheel spinning at the right speed after is has reached its target velocity.

Try searching on Google for terms you don’t understand, e.g. what is a bang bang controller?. The short answer is it turns on the motor at max speed until it reaches a certain speed or position, then turns it off until it drops below a certain speed.

Sorry, I just saw your post. PID is basically a way to make accurate movements or changes to anything when there is a target. This can be used when driving the robot autonomously, controlling velocity, moving arms accurately, etc. Here’s a great tutorial to understanding velocity PID and how it can be used for controlling a flywheel’s velocity:

However, if you do have any other questions, I would make a separate thread to avoid derailing this forum that should only be about praising this godly robot.

Thank you for giving us this advice. We did something very similar to this and it did end up giving us accurate results. Though it is quite slow right now, it is consistent in its shooting. So thank you.

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Thank you all for your great responses! Sorry for the trouble, if I have any further questions I 'll create a new thread.

Those 2 shots are so clean . Excellent job. I hope i get to see your robot at worlds!

Yep, NZ has banned V5, basically because they could guarantee it’s availability to all teams. Given the mess up with distribution and the issues of V5 it was a very good call. We made the switch and have killed 1 cortex so far and 3 motors.

Fantasic work in the NZ finals, undefeated along with SymbOHSis and into the final, still waiting for RobotEvents to update with the final score, but you’re looking awesome.

That’s a familiar story lol.
We’ve killed 2 motors, 1 remote, 3 RJ11 ports, all 3pin ports on one brain, and 3 batteries.

Can’t tell whether we are just really bad at using things or just v5 being terrible in terms of quality.

It’s definitely V5. The firmware on the motors doesn’t stop them from blowing themselves out when they get too hot. If they get to temperature level 4, they’ll just blow out. It’s pretty great.

Anyhow, congrats to 240P! National champs from NZ have been known to kick some serious butt at worlds :eyes:

Lossless will be a puncher calling it right now

p l u s 1