Team Names

So I am in the process of getting my team sponsored and we have a few presentations coming up with big companies, for some reason all of the companies want our team name, however we do not yet have a team name and are having trouble figuring one out, we want something that sounds cool but is not cheesy and something we can have a logo for and is just over all a good team name, if you have a suggestion comment down below.

Share Your Team Logos this thread contains lots of great examples of team names and logos.

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Chat GPT spit out all of these. You can give it some context on your team, where you are, etc.

  1. Nexus Robotics
  2. Apex Machines
  3. Velocity Robotics
  4. Quantum Bots
  5. Phoenix Force
  6. Titan Tech
  7. Zenith Robotics
  8. Hyperion Robotics
  9. Cygnus Bots
  10. Eclipse Engineering
  11. Nova Robotics
  12. Helix Hounds
  13. Hydra Robotics
  14. Chimera Robotics
  15. Pulsar Bots
  16. Nebula Machines
  17. Infinity Robotics
  18. Blitz Bots
  19. Solaris Robotics
  20. Galaxia Tech

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our team name is VEX ED. and our sister team is Practice Safe Vex.


@Dave-TBR I like the names! The theme of them sound really cool!