Team YNOT Early Season Reveal

new seazon who dis?

Hi guys, it’s Grant! Since Change Up is most likely my last year because I am graduating, I wanted to bring something teams could be inspired from earlier in the year. I know for me, being able to watch early season videos, such as 929 in NbN, really helps inspire ideas for getting the season started. I have never built a robot this early but wanted everyone to be able to check it out.

Let me know what you guys think! We will have a Q&A shortly after the video goes live on Instagram so make sure to follow us at @ynotrobotics If you miss the live Q&A we are going to save all of them as highlights on our profile or just DM us your questions.

Thanks to everyone in the community for making my VEX career so much fun!

Robot Stats:
4M 257rpm drive using turbos on a 3:7 ratio with 4in Wheels
2M 600rpm Intakes
1M 200rpm Uptake
1m 600rpm Shooter

I am excited to see what you all come up with for VEX Change Up. YNOT is looking forward to seeing you all in Dallas.

Special thanks to Jay from NITRO for editing.


at first the intakes said | |
and then someone breathed and now they say – –


Just directly post the url as text instead of embedding the link in other text and it should do it automatically.

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great bot. If this is how fast robots are now, imagine how fast they’ll be by worlds.

question: why 200 rpm on the lower roller? did 600 rpm not have enough torque?


fixed. thanks for the help

its nearly 6 inches. I could always try 600rpm, I just thought it worked well. The intakes were a much bigger bottleneck than the uptake.


yeah tbh intakes are the only part of this bot that I could see improvements having a large impact. The tough part about this game seems to be intakes that can field balls easily, have enough compression to descore from the edge goals, but also not too much compression so they can get around the goal posts and so that balls can fall down on to the intakes without you having to repeatedly back away.


intakes are reinforced and on 1/4 in bolts. I ran them into the walls full speed from one side of the field to the other and they still work. They are held together by 3-4 rubber bands but they definitely were the weak point of this robot imo.


That is what I found as well. This will be a harder game them everyone thinks imo

harder in the sense that the intakes will be really fiddly. I do like that if you want, you can just make really compressive intakes and be fine with descoring from most goals except the center, so you are rewarded for having perfect compression, but compression isn’t an it works or you loose kind of thing like in TT.

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Tennessee OP


I dont think this is going to end up meta but something that might be interesting is using 1m indexer/flywheel thing and using the last motor to adjust intake angle and compression

Seems to me like 1 v5 motor should be plenty for that whole assembly

Why only a 4m drive if this is vexU?


vexu this would be helpful for sure. vrc probably a waste of a motor.

honestly, im struggling to think of an application for that last motor if you do a 1m indexer. This is probably the best thing i’ve thought of so far (besides epic descoring shtick)

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having the 2 motors allows for you to continuously intake easier without accidentally letting a ball out. A ratchet could be used to help eliminate that though, since your flywheel should never need to spin backwards.

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I think 2m indexer/launcher is better than 1m, enough to a point where that one extra motor is better used on the indexer than some other gadget.


Why? I don’t think that you need that much power for such a simple mechanism. What Grant said does kind of make sense, but he presented a solution to his own problem.

4m drive was really just to see how well it performed as if it was a HS robot. For VEXU I know personally I will always use 6m. This robot was just a designed to test some initial design game concepts for both VRC and VEXU.


I personally haven’t seen a better use for that motor. I dont think it is a problem at all. It is early season tho