That Moment When chat

Come back everyone to make the world record

i had to make the title weird cuz it said the name was already used

that moment when you reaaaaaaaaaally want to keep memeing…

That moment when it’s about time to just move on and come up with a new topic to break the record.

Some of the most popular threads are everyday discussion about things going wrong. (That Momet When, Stupidest Thing You’ve Done in Vex, etc.) I tried to do the same with my Breaking Parts in weird ways thread, but it didn’t catch on for whatever reason.

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A second That Moment When thread was already created, and then deleted by the moderators within 20 minutes of its creation.

I wouldn’t expect a different fate here.


I have a sign on the wall over my monitor that says “Is this the most efficient use of my time right now?”

Maybe there should be a sticky that says “Is deleting your post the most efficient use of DRowe’s time ?” He’s got lots to do and policing the nonsense is pretty far down the list. Ask yourself what won’t get done or how much extra does he need to stay to get things done because he’s clicking delete?"


I want to remind everyone of the VEX Forum rules.

These still Apply unless Dillon posts an updated version. One rule is that the forum is not to be used for real time chat, lets keep the discussion here focused on robotics.