The perfect vex notebook

our team needs ideas to make the perfect vex notebook. ideas please. thx in advance


This thread has some good info in it as well as some examples

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I would definitely recommend this video.


Be sure to read the judge’s guide, especially the design award rubric. Judging Resources - REC Foundation

  1. Focus on points listed on the rubric this will allow you to be considered for second interviews and let the judges to look at your notebook more in depth
  2. Make sure the index is kept up to date along with the sections on the bottom of the pages, also make sure all additions to pages are signed
  3. show how your team has improved do this by writing down your goals, its also helpful to make competition reflections after a comp
  4. Show all of the design process
  5. Judges appreciate being able to scan a page and find the important stuff so try and make it easy to read through
    The replies above are great resources

use many big words

In all seriousness, the only thing I have to offer that wasnt mentioned above is to do calculations regarding your robot and put them in your notebook. For example, I worked out an estimate of the maximum torque we would need to tilt a tray with a full stack on it, and compared that to the torque of the motor to get a good gear ratio estimation.

stuff like that is always nice to see, I think

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well, use more than 20 characters… preferably in full sentences, with paragraph breaks between ideas.


This is a notebook I found a while back in my firs year of robotics and it helped us a lot.

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The perfect notebook doesn’t exist.

  • Read all the rubrics.
  • Find old notebooks for inspiration.
  • Watch videos on engineering notebooks
  • Don’t edit it.
  • Keep up with it/don’t forget to do it,
  • Know the design process
  • Try your best
  • Do everything in pencil but don’t forget to go over in pen. This eliminates any common errors such as formatting and spelling
  • If you have a notebook from last year, look at it and try to improve what didn’t work. (Depending on how you did it it might not work with the new rubric tho🙃)
  • Ask mentors/sister teams to evaluate your notebook
  • Use images/pics/cad/drawings/ whatever you want
  • INCLUDE SOME CODE AND EXPLAIN IT ALITTLE (this is usually forgotten)
  • Explain things in your notebook so someone who knows nothing about vex could understand. (I find this easier to do if you yourself have less experience)
  • Communication between all team members=success
  • take your time
  • have multiple people write in the notebook
    (Will edit if I think of anything else)