Example of an award winning notebook?

Hey guys,
Since I’m pretty new to VRC, I was wondering about the notebook. What qualifications of a notebook will win you an award? Does anyone have any examples?
Dylan :slight_smile:

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Look at this




hmm thats great. does your team have any tips for a good notebook?

Yes, follow the second post I made.

9791C has done well in notebooks at the middle school level, but not yet at Worlds. So take it from those who have…

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This also may be useful, it is a link for the rubric for the notebook+interview. :https://www.roboticseducation.org/documents/2015/06/vrc-design-award-rubric.pdf

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oh i see. thanks so much.

It says “three points for a bound notebook”
I’m a bit confused. Why would they give extra points for a bound notebook instead of a regular one?

has your team ever qualified for worlds by notebook? is that even possible?

You can qualify for worlds through Design if design is a world qualifying award. (which consists of notebook and interview and i guess depending on your state.)

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Document every problem you encounter, every possible solution, and why you picked a particular one. BUT then use test data to say why it was a good solution. Often the test if omitted. Once you have a good solution, document what is needed to build it, parts, scaled drawings, build techniques…

On the game front, document the analysis of the game, and strategies you will take for this season. For example, this year one might be tempted to go for only one color or alternatively indiscriminately go for as many cubes as possible and choose color at end… each has its pros and cons - make sure to indicate what defenses may be employed…

Include bio of your team - why are they on your team? how do you support one another?

Include season goals for the team… then come up with a season plan and schedule.

soooo many pieces of wisdom to share…

don’t forget software :slight_smile:


oh thats cool. I have a quick question : for example there are three standout teams with outstanding notebooks at a state competition. these teams also got full credit on their interview (all threes), how do the judges decide which team gets design? Do they also look at the robot itself? Not just the notebook/team characteristics?

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Qualifying through Design depends on state/region/nation championship spots allocated.

Good luck Dylan!

Googling the engineering process may be helpful for your notebook because the point is to notebook the “process”. An example can be the PLTW design process which my team has been using for the past two seasons atleast.

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oh i c. Thanks so much! best of luck in this years competition. you coach middle school right?

I honestly think that is up to the judges itself… Not super clear how each state determines this.


Sorry, but whats “PLTW”?

PLTW is Project lead the way which typically has engineering class lessons for various schools :smiley:
Edit: they produce STEM curriculum

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thanks for explaining. Are you in high school? I think we might have saw you guys at worlds, but i’m not sure. Where you in tech? @xSafa

Unfortunately we did not qualify for worlds during Turning Point. Yeah, I’m in highschool right now (currently a junior.) But Tower Takeover will be my team’s final season.

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